Top 5 Subtle, Yet Awesome, Moments

Top 5 Subtle, Yet Awesome, Moments's Editor breaks down her favorite season moments that you may have missed.

My final blog of the season? Say it isn't so! Well, I didn't write on last week's finale because, well, I was physically exhausted leading up to and after our super-fun Ultimate Virtual Viewing Party. Thank you so much for participating, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

What can I say? I kind of wanted Bryan to win all season, and I don't think I was too shy about making that fact known, but Michael's pretty awesome, and I'm happy with the outcome. I spoke to him more during the Ultimate Virtual Viewing Party process probably more than I have all season and he's funny and sweet. Did you see him on Conan? He fed the man on live television! Anyway, I was waiting the entire episode for someone to make a comment like Chef Todd English did during the Season 3 finale, calling Hung's duck dish Michelin-star worthy, but alas it never happened. I don't think it was because the food was sub-par, I just think the diners' expectations are so high now, they're almost jaded.

I only have a couple things to say about the reunion and then I want to share my five favorite (and most subtle) moments of the whole season! I thought this reunion was the best one in awhile. It wasn't crazy dramatic, but just amusing. The montages were amazing and I may or may not have watched the Voltaggio one three times. I just can't get enough of those guys. Eli kind of begrudgingly apologized to Robin and we saw some semi-amusing bloopers from the show.

But in one montage, they brought up my all-time favorite laugh-out-loud moment from the whole season, which is at the top of my list for most subtle moments from the season:

1. Padma criticizes Ash's dish for not having flavor, and then he returns to the Stew Room and sarcastically says "Oh, I forgot FLAVOR!" like Padma said something revelatory, like it was just something you could add. This CRACKED ME UP when I first watched it, and still does. That Ash is a keeper.

2. Padma says "Welcome back" to Jennifer after she makes her winning Quickfire seafood dish for Gavin Kaysen in the Bocuse d'Or-inspired Quickfire Challenge. Padma says it so slyly and then walks away and it's just, well, hilarious.

3. Bryan giggles when he sees Padma and Nigella in bed. Some of you said you think Bryan's laugh is annoying, but it's kind of a stoner laugh, and I kind of love it. (Bryan does not do drugs! He just, um, laughs like he does?)

4. Michael Isabella falls, and falls hard, running into the Top Chef house when the chefs are issued their assignment for the Macy's Culinary Council.

5. Another one by Padma! After Mike I. wavers on his decision to serve his Greek salad during the Thunderbirds challenge, Padma responds with, "Then you shouldn't have served it!" I don't know what it is, she just sounds different, and we say it all the time around the office.

Anyway, that's my list. What were your favorite subtle moments? And, um, how much will you miss my blog each week? Just kidding — I'll be back before you know it! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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