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Niagara Vineyard View

S2/EP3 |
Aired: March 29, 2016
Wine enthusiasts Christina and Ed are ready to make their lifelong dream of having a view of a lush green vineyard come true. 22:20

Georgian Bay Long Beach View

S2/EP2 |
Aired: March 22, 2016
Michelle and Justin are outdoor enthusiasts and every spare moment is planned around kite surfing and paddle boarding trips. It’s time for them to find their very own long beach view. 22:20

Muskoka Private Lake View

S2/EP1 |
Aired: March 15, 2016
Simon dreams of waking up to a peaceful view, looking out over a still lake in perfect silence. A place to escape where he and his kids are the only ones on their very own private lake. 22:20

Horse Farms (Ont)

S1/EP13 |
Aired: September 15, 2015
Ricki and his daughter Taylor are wild for horses. They currently board their horses at the farm but would love to peer out of their window and see their horses in their very own paddock. 22:20

Winter Wonderland (Ont)

S1/EP12 |
Aired: September 8, 2015
Darren and Suzy love views of the crisp, clean winter wonderland. They’re looking for a property where they can experience both the frozen playground and the quiet solitude that winter brings. 22:19