Back from Vacation!

Back from Vacation!

Andy Cohen is back from Mustique and Miami, and ready to take care of business.


Good morning, everybody. I am back from vacation and at least recharged enough to attempt to say "hi" on this sorely underused blogspace. Maybe I'm energized because my download of Madonna's new album appeared miraculously overnight via iCloud on all my devices. Maybe I am powered by a dark tan. Maybe I'm not asking questions.

A week ago Friday we shot the ATL Reunion and it went until 1 a.m. and was off the hook the moment it began. For sure it was our best ATL Reunion, and I can't wait for you to see it. A few hours after we wrapped I hopped on several planes and went to Mustique to meet some friends. Midweek I hit it to Miami,  where I had a group of other pals assembled. I didn't realize when I booked the trip that it was Winter Music Conference in Miami, which essentially means pounding bass everywhere you turn. 

I did what I had to, which means I enjoyed the fun and danced. It was a riot.

I got home to a massive pile of work. What a welcome. I TCB'd before the show last night, which meant skipping the beginning of Mad Men, and hit it for the clubhouse.  I had so much fun with Coco T and her big butt that I feel like I have a fun-hangover. Is that possible?

Tonight is the hilarious Casey Wilson with Tamar Braxton, and tomorrow is Clay Aiken and the Queen of Porn, Jenna Jameson. Wow. What? 

So did you guys see Mad Men and did you like it? Are you liking Million Dollar Listing NY (I'm obsessed) and Interior Therapy? I think Interior Therapy is a makeover show without the BS of watching the host pretend to actually like the clients. Remember, it's JEFF...

See you tonight.

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