Spring It

Spring It

Andy recaps his weekend, and plays diva word association with Patti LaBelle!

It is a rainy spring morning and I am wearing a bright green tie.

I stayed up late watching coverage of Health Care; it was exciting seeing something actually happening in Washington. Obama looked tired and purse-lipped. Maybe this will give him a little wind in his sails.

Janet Maslin's New York Times review of Martha Stewart's former best friend's tell-all book is LOL. It is as mean as the book itself, and reading it made me miss Maslin's film reviews - they seemed important. I can't really make any sense of the movie reviews in that paper these days, or maybe I just don't care.

There is an article about me on the AOL Homepage. It's an interview I did with a reporter in the middle of the NBC Universal TV Critics party in Pasadena. The interview is a Q/A and I sound like a complete and total idiot, with every other word being "you know" and "I mean." If you think I sound like an idiot on this blog every day, find this TV Squad article and you'll think I do not have a brain. Oy!

After we wrapped the show Thursday night, we dismissed Kelly and played some diva word association with Patti LaBelle. I loved her answers and could've kept this conversation going all night! Check it out:

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