Andy recaps his weekend, and expresses his love for cowboys.

Good morning everyone. I am so mad at Bravo right now. I got to work with a full list of things to do and Brokeback Mountain is on and thus I am getting nothing done because I cannot quit those damn cowboys. I die for that movie.

I had a long journey to a shoot over the weekend that allowed me to read the Kitty Kelly OPRAH book cover to cover. I found the first part about her childhood interesting, and then it got kinda redundant, all over the place, and trite the more it went on. I wonder how much of it is true? She alleges a bunch of drug use and rampant sexuality in Oprah's childhood, and highlights some fairly petty stories, along with intense hubris combined with oversized generousity. Kelly describes a lot of stories and situations that try to paint Oprah out to be a horrible person that read to me more like natural byproducts of becoming superfamous. For instance, I don't blame Oprah for making her employees sign airtight confidentiality agreements - that seems smart to me. I still love Oprah.

I love the cowboys too, did I say that already?

Last night I accompanied Ellen Barkin to the premiere of Letters to Juliet at the Tribeca Film Festival. Barkin produced the movie, and it is a fun love story starring Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried. I cried a bunch, but I am a total softie sometimes so don't judge me, OK? Redgrave looks stunning and the new boy, Chris Egan, is going to be a superstar. He's a beauty. Go see it.

I love the cowboys. I mean I REALLY LOVE THEM.

Have a great day. Here are the web extras we shot with Bethenny and Jessie Tyler Ferguson (we played "Good for the Gays/Bad for the gays")

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