Early Bird

Early Bird

Andy heads to the Derby to hang with Dina Manzo, Jeff Lewis, and more!

I am at LaGuardia this morning at the crack of dawn heading to Kentucky for Ladies Day at the Derby, which we're broadcasting live at 5 EST on Bravo. So it'll be me, Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, Dina from Jersey, and a whole bucketload of Top Chefs live surrounded by the pageantry of horses, fashion, food and whiskey. And mint juleps. And more mint juleps.

I've never been to the Derby so I'm psyched. I really hope I don't make a total fool of myself and ask a jockey a really stupid question... Or get kicked by a horse... Or get my suit muddy.

Today's show is being produced by NBC Sports and so that means endless opportunities for me to make a fool of myself and show them that I have no eye-hand coordination. And maybe get picked last for a team. And get my suit dirty. What if the Sports guys "pants" me? Or teepee my trailer?

Last night felt like a weird show, but I have no idea why. Alex and Simon were fun and generated a bucketload of questions. Speaking of buckets, we ate chicken on the air! You don't see that very often.

Kim Zolciak was her hilarious self. During the commercial break before she came on, Big Poppa himself stepped into her skype-scene and gave me a wave and a big smile. It was a laugh, and then a further laugh when I asked Kim on the air what was up with BP and she said she hadn't seen much of him over the last five weeks. I had to press her....

I haven't heard that much of the Countess' song, but at some point last night it crossed the threshold into something I couldn't stop singing. Oh boy. Woah Nellie. Wait til you hear the second single.

OK I gotta spllit, but I'm sure I'll be on TV at 5 EST and tweeting all weekend if you're looking for me.

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