Z Is For Zoila

Z Is For Zoila

Andy dishes on Sean Avery, "Boeing, Boeing" and some olympic highlights.

How psyched am I for tonight's Runway post-show? We'll not only chat with the auf'd designer, but NHL sensation, metrosexual, fashionista, superhotty SEAN AVERY will be our special guest. Avery is on page 6 every other day, and made headlines when he interned at VOGUE. He is a 21st century man and he is all yours tonight, so email us your questions and tune in live After The Sew. (BTW, the stylists will be making over each other's mom's on "Shear Genius" so you're gonna want to see that, too...) What did you think of last night's "Flipping Out" reunion? I had a blast with that kooky krew. I am so happy that Jeff allowed us to auction off the portrait of Zoila, with all the proceeds going right to her! Have you bid yet???

Last night I went to see my friend Mary McCormack steal the show in the hit Broadway play "Boeing, Boeing". That lady is hilarious!!! The whole lot of them are, including Christine Baranski and Gina Gershon. I am way behind on my theater... I am also behind on the Olympics, but I am obsessed with four things: - Bob Costas' hair color and general state of the face. (I love Costas, I just can't figure out what's happening there... Or what happened already.) - I am so happy for Michael Phelps and for America and I love this country and blah blah blah but is anybody thinking that maybe these new second-skin swimsuit onesies are part of the reason he's breaking so many records? If the Thorpedo had been wearing one last time would he have broken more records?

- Men's Synchronized Diving is the most homo-erotic thing since Brokeback. Just. Watch. It. - George Bush needs to leave. He is so embarrassing. He clearly has now given up even TRYING to sit up straight or act like he knows what to do or how to do it. Let's just give him a pass and get him a one way ticket to Texas. CAB REPORT: Mark Osafo in 8F75 is jerky as all get-out. There was a WALL STREET JOURNAL on the floor and a USA TODAY on the seat, so I left my NY POST and VARIETY in there, too. I wonder how many papers he'll have by noon. The fare was 12.50 and I gave him 14. ('spensive!)

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