You're Obsessed!

You're Obsessed!

Andy breaks down YOUR pop culture obsessions.

My email is filling up with comments - mainly hate mail somehow directed at me furiously wondering why the judges have kept Santino in the "Project Runway" competition. I will get to Santino (again) in another blog. But some of you have answered my call to share YOUR pop culture obsessions....and now I will pay it forward right back at ya:

CHRISTOPHER W in NYC is obsessed with:

- DYNASTY RERUNS: I never watched the original, and think it is fascinating how they didn't have lighting technicians on this show. It is all the same light: romantic dinner, private fashion show, getting kidnapped (and rescued in the same episode!)....brilliant.

- VOIP: no one is sure what it is, but it is the next HUGE deal. Nothing is ever just evolving technology, no it must be HUGE!!!

- KATHY GRIFFIN: She never molested people on the carpet, well, not physically.

MARTY had quite a comprehensive list, here's a mere sample of his obsessions:

- JAMAICA OF JAMES BOND IN DR. NO: love the clothes, love the furniture, set design, a youthful Sean Connery. Kinda makes you want to join SPECTRE?

- LISA RINNA: Someone stop her! My eyes focus on her lips all the time. How does Ty Treadway do it??

- LOST: It's the Twin Peaks of the new millenium sans the cherry pie.

- NINA GARCIA: Andy, you are right Nina is right-on on PR. Her comments are to the point, and zero in on what is wrong or right. - STAR JONES: Does her head look funny on her new body? Methinks so!

- PROJECT RUNWAY MODEL WALK-OFF: The best! Great job editing, and the reactions were priceless especially Andrae and Daniel V.

Guess What? The staff of the insane "TONY DANZA SHOW" is reading the blog and sent in their obsessions! Thanks guys and keep up the (insert adjective here) work!:

- AMERICAN IDOL: Will the men reign supreme and will Paula be slurring?

- JACKIE COLLIN'S LATEST BOOK, LOVERS AND PLAYERS: It chronicles the life of Red Diamond and his three wayward sons!

- SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES: Anyone can dance, but a star putting themselves in jeopardy of a head injury is worth watching. That, and seeing how long Kristy Swanson's partner can actually lift her over his head without falling

- S. EPATHA MERKERSON'S ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES: At the Sag Awards, she thanked her divorce lawyer!

- THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES IN PUBLIC: Watch how they are always all over each other in public to prove that they don't hate each other - at the SAG awards Eva Longoria was sitting on Marcia Cross's lap.

- "GREY'S ANATOMY": Or more specifically Patrick Dempsey - he's so the new Clooney

MIKE G in St. Louis speaks for the entire midwest when he says he's mad about:

- 8 TRACKS!: With quadraphonic sound...sounds like the music is all over.

- "QUINCY ME: SEASON 3": He solves a murder that everybody thought was natural causes! -

MULLETS: What goes around, comes around, and we think what's coming around is the mullet. -

MIDWESTERN SUPERSTORES: Guns, ammo, and lots and lots of ammonia and Sudafed all under one roof...that flat expansive roof we call Wal Mart.

- PROJECT RUNWAY REUNION: Zulema takes on Wendy Pepper in a slap fight after Zulema fesses up that she doodled on the picture.

- DIANA ROSS: Andy, I'm with you on the original Lady Di. If she still has the pipes, and can share the stage with others who have talent, it would be a thing of beauty.

I don't know where ADJOA is from, but I think it's somewhere that breeds obsessed pop culture lovers!

- PROJECT RUNWAY: I live, love, breathe the show and I can't miss a single episode. When I'm not home I call several times to make sure he tapes it (He loves it too). It's something about watching those designers create beautiful and not-so-beautiful pieces under tense conditions. Plus, Tim Gunn is a delight to watch.

- BLOGS ABOUT CELEBRITIES: No matter how embarrassing it is too admit, I love to hear about what they are wearing, what they are doing, and who they are screwing (even if it may not be true). I obsessively read like six blogs a day, from,,, I could go on and on and on....

- US Weekly: I love when it arrives. It is always a juicy read, plus who can resist the section "Stars they're just like US!"

- CENTURY 21: It is like a haven for finding designer duds for discount prices, for those of us who aren't a rich socialite but want to look like one. I got all my lovable Michael Kors bags from there.

Can you believe there are two people named MARTY reading Andy's Blog?

MARTY #2 says: - ROTTENTOMATOES.COM: It's my favorite website. It gives me the lowdown on all the films out there and since it contains the universe of opinions it is inherently unbiased.... -

Groovy JIM is obsessed with cartoons!

- ADULT SWIM: It's on the cartoon network. From the twisted version of the old Davey and Goliath cartoons recreated as Moral Orel to the rantings of Lois on the Family Guy I am hooked. I even got to love Futurama (finally!). It's twisted and funny as hell.

Thankfully, Smell-A is in the house in the form of DIANE:

- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN: I went all by myself and reluctantly because I did not think it would hold my interest all the way thru. But I love Ang Lee and would not miss one of his movies. I left the theater transformed. I mean it. What a great movie.

Let's save the best for last and check in with New York City's own ERIN: - PANDORA.COM: It's a virtual jukebox that works like this: you type in an artist or album that you like, it isolates elements of that song (like acoustic instrumentation, vocal harmony, or "danceable grooves") and it then plays other songs it thinks you'll like based on that. It's an amazing way to discover new music that's perfectly suited to your tastes- and it's free!


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