Your Runway Emails ...

Your Runway Emails ...

Andy Cohen answers viewer questions.

I love getting emails from you guys and every so often they give me cause to pause. Here's a recent batch of questions and my answers.

Linda emailed two weeks ago and said: "The Paris episode last night crossed the line from "creative competition in a fishbowl" to something more closely approaching pointless cruelty. Why take people to Paris who have never been there only to put the 'loser' right back on a plane?"

Hey Linda. I got a lot of emails like this. Angela did spend the night in Paris after she was eliminated. She spent 24 hours in Paris, though ... that's 24 hours more than she'd spent there in her life! She was a great sport about turning back around and viewed the whole experience with a great attitude. There was a moment in time when we considered having Catherine Malandrino at the AIRPORT GATE to do the elimination after they'd stepped off the plane, but we decided that was just plain mean.

In response to the blog where Ralph Fiennes interviewed me about Runway, RP wrote: "I have one question: How did you become 'pals' with Ralph? If it is true, you seem worlds apart."

Yes, RP, we are worlds apart. I got a bunch of questions asking me if that interview was fake, so thanks for your faith in me, everybody! I wouldn't fake an interview with someone and post it. I've known Ralph for five or six years through some mutual friends who are actors and former co-stars of The English Patient.

Max writes: "My question is about the double-elimination that resulted from auf'ing Bonnie after Keith left. Does this mean we are down an episode now? Was there later supposed to be a team elimination that got scaled back? I hope so! I mean, maybe Bonnie's cowl was a little on the dowdy side -- but surely it wasn't so ugly as to suck an entire episode of PR down the drain! :-)"

Max, you are very observant and I might hire you to work in programming at Bravo if you are up for it. We actually had planned on doing a double-elimination later in the season and scrapped the idea when Keith was eliminated. I am personally not a huge fan of double eliminations, in case you care. We produced exactly the amount of episodes we set out to this season and didn't cheat you out of one!

Lisa is from Albany and wrote this after Keith was eliminated: "Hey Andy, it is all over the internet that Keith's application was nothing more than stolen designs from the best of the best. So what is the real story ... did you kick him off for a trumped up reason of books and disappearing because you are embarassed that the fashion aficionados missed the obvious, or is this internet thing a farce and you truly are dismissing him for infractions?"

Lisa, we unfortunately eliminated Keith for breaking the rules of production. Some of the portfolios Keith submitted were trend reports, and Tim and the rest of them could discern between those and his original work.

I got this email a few weeks ago: "Andy -- You and your staff need to plan and televise my 20-year high school reunion. I'm confident that with all of your Donnie and Marie and B-50-Lucci experience that the event would totally outdo the prom from Footloose. If it's not a success (i.e, Carrie's prom with the bucket of pig blood), I'll then have someone else to blame. Please help me Andy-Kenobi, you're my only hope."

Oh man, I am having a hard enough time filling out the questionnaire for my own 20th high school reunion. I have no faith in myself to put yours together and have completely taken myself out of the planning process for Clayton High School's Class of '86 event in October, though I will be attending.

David from Louiville, Kentucky says: "Do me a favor "discover" my kid. I really don't have the time to do the endless pageants, head shots, dance lessons and cattle calls. It would so better fit our schedules if you would just base some reality show around her or use her as a prize girl.... She would be available oh say once a week and either myself or my wife would need to be with her at all times as we kind of like her. Her main talent aside from spelling her name Patsy (well she spells it PIM but its a start) is that she likes to smile for cameras...."

David, I am not putting your kid on any of our reality shows unless we do more "Showbiz Moms and Dads." That being said, money talks. Maybe we can have Jackie Warner start training her or something? Let's discuss.

Paul wrote: "Andy, how does one come out of the closet at a later age; any suggestion; btw, my wife does not know, discretion is mandatory." Paul, I don't know that I am going to be able to walk you through this one online. My only advice is taken from Jerri Blank, who you'll become acquainted with after you come out: "Go with what you know!" GOOD LUCK though.

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