Your NYC Reunion Questions Answered!

Your NYC Reunion Questions Answered!

What happened to the 7 hours of reunion footage? Should Kel get a spin-off? You asked...Andy answers.


My mailbox is full of comments and questions about last week's "NYC Housewives Spectacular" and since second episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres tonight, I thought it best to put to bed your remaining NYC questions. (Did you pick up on how I connected a plug with today's blog topic? OK!)

Firstly, Jill's mom GLORIA tracked me down last Friday and was very disappointed that I referred to her as a "Yenta" on the reunion. Disappointed is a light way to say it, actually. She was pissed and thought I had demeaned her with this word, which was ABSOLUTELY not my intention. I adore this lady!

I hit Wikipedia, which says "Yenta is a Yiddish female name. In the age of Yiddish theater, it started referring to a busybody or gossipmonger." Gloria considers herself neither a busybody or a gossipmonger, and frankly she does not come off that way and so I apologize again for that characterization. She's a very smart, accomplished, warm woman and so let's just say she's America's Favorite Jewish Mom and leave the title at that. Shall we?

August emailed: "Andy, being the host of the RHNY reunion show, I would think you would of conducted it from a 3rd party unbiased viewpoint, but it seems like you were right there with the mean trio of LuAnn the Man, RockFace Beth and Social Climber Jill Zarin - I once enjoyed you and the show, but I won't be following the show nor you anymore as it's all childish ...."

Well August, I got another email from someone saying I was in Ramona's pocket because I sat and smiled at her the entire time. The truth is that I am in no one's corner, I just want to make sure everyone is understood, heard from, and treated fairly - that's my job. I'm sorry if I came off as being on anyone's side.

ST. Thomas the Apostle emailed: "I saw the preview on the Bravo website where you asked the ladies who would you vote off the show. Please do me a favor and next time please don’t ask that question on any of your reunions. That is just way too mean. It is one thing to be honest and straightforward about an issue and respond to something that was said. But to ask a question that is knowingly going to hurt someone (after all, who would want to hear that they are the last man on the totem pole?) No matter how weird or mean that person may be it just isn’t the nicest thing to do as a fellow human being. I always think it is like the rule if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then don’t say anything. (But of course then where would my beloved show be? J Don’t I sound a little like a hypocrite? Well I do very lovingly call my enjoyment of the shows “My Secret Shame” since it is out of character for me.) I appreciate it if you would take what I have said into consideration the next reunion and I will use the time to get a drink when that part of the show is on."

Well, St. Thomas, I did love that question, but I also thought it was mean and that was ultimately why it wound up on the web instead of in the show. I always feel badly when Padma or Isaac has to ask someone which of his or her competitors should be eliminated and why, so on a non-elimination type show it's even worse! It's a provocative question, though!

Olivia emailed with an interesting suggestion: Hi Andy, As a viewer, Real Housewives of New York this season was very interesting for me because of Kelly. I think a spin-off featuring Kelly and her own show would be very entertaining. Instead of Kelly trying to fit in with the other Housewives, why not feature Kelly's world? Thought I would make a suggestion. Olivia"

Thanks Olivia! We'll consider it, although you may be in the minority on that thought!

Here's Laura: Andy, Crazy show!! You poor man! Question, at the end on the credits, the Ralph Lauren logo popped up. Whose clothing did they supply and was it just for this last show? Good luck with the next crew! Laura H"

Guess what Laura? Ralph Lauren helps ME with my clothes for most of the reunions. Ralph Lauren Black Label, to be exact, is my brand of choice. They are sleek, modern and classic. Go see Travis at the Ralph Lauren mansion on 72nd and Madison and he'll take care of you.

Here's another from Carrie in Delaware: "Andy, Absolutely loved the reunion show. It was a little more real and hard hitting than previous shows, and really answered a lot of our questions. Well, most people answered our questions, Kelly is still clueless about her behavior. Anyway, the reason for the email is this: Is there any possibility of releasing the ENTIRE 7 hours on DVD? I have discussed this with other Housewife fans and we would definitely buy it. Hope this will be considered. Thanks, Carrie -Delaware"

Carrie, I got several emails from people saying they'd like to see the entire 7 hours... we have to see what we can do about that, but in the meantime, I have to end with this humdinger...

Christine emailed: "Hi Andy! I occasionally read your blog and you seem to have a very sweet personality. A close gay male friend of mine attends Columbia and, since he's recently single - and very cute - I asked him what he thought of you. He's quite a bit younger than you - soon to be 29, but I know he's dated some older men, so I thought I'd try to play matchmaker (without your knowledge or permission). He didn't know who you are, so I had him watch the Real Housewives of NY reunion. I was so disappointed when he said you weren't his type! I mean, he acted like I was trying to fix him up with Gollum or something. I told him that he should look past the physical - you may not be super-handsome, but your personality seems so sweet and kind! He's obviously more superficial than I thought. I'm sorry - I was certain you two would hit it off! My fingers are still crossed for you though! All the best in finding love, Christine"

Um...thanks?! I don't know if she meant to offend me or take pity on me, or what...but what a great shout-out from Christine.

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