Yesterday And Today

Yesterday And Today

Andy updates you on Flipping Out and prepares you for Top Chef.

Man was I deep in the 9/11 blues yesterday. All day. Ugh. We had dinner at the Odeon last night, which seemed like a fitting choice; the place was packed.

Down West Broadway, miles into the sky shone the bright commemorative lights memorializing all that was lost. There just won't be a better memorial than those lights. They are simple and moving and say all that needs to be said. Please, somebody, replace whatever cockamamie memorial is to come with the lights.

And switching gears, I hope some of you enjoyed the "Flipping Out" special last night. Yes, Zoila is ok. She got a splitting headache sometime around the time that she and Jeff were getting into it about her desire for a new uniform. Jeff says she has four already and that the only reason she wants a new one is because she has a crush on the man at the uniform store. Jeff theorized that her headache might've been the result of my calling her "America's Favorite Maid"; he thought that not only did she believe that statement but that it might've freaked her out a wee bit... The weight of being America's Favorite Maid would indeed be intimidating. Ask Marla Gibbs. I called Chris "America's Favorite Trash Guy" and I am hoping that didn't give him a splitting headache as well. In any case, Zoila is fine. Speaking of fine, have you ever wondered where the Top Chef Judges spend their down time between challenges? In Miami, Padma's dressing room was the hub of much activity. She tricked out an ugly room with incense and candles and turned it into a vortex of groove. I snapped this picture of the former model prepping for judge's table in said room:

How hot, I ask? I believe that was in advance of Restaurant Wars Part 2 and I believe that I will beg Padma to wear that robe during a Quickfire next season. Later that night, I asked Tom and Padma to give me their best local anchor publicity shot pose. I'd watch NewsCenter Top Chef at 6 and 11 any old day...

And all this dragging out of old pictures is to tell you that there's a great new episode of Top Chef tonight followed by a live "Watch What Happens" at featuring the eliminated chef. Call us live and ask us questions or give us crap!

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