Yes, It Is Cold In Nyc

Yes, It Is Cold In Nyc

Andy discusses Top Chef drama, Top Design, K-Fed and east coast weather.

From October through March, people from LA ask me on the phone if it is "cold" outside. I don't know why they ask in a way that seems to hover around OCD, but I think it is to make themselves feel good about not being here. So here's what: Yes, it's cold. I'm glad. It's a season called winter here and it's supposed to be cold. In April it will be Spring and everyone here will be having an awakening and it doesn't compare to a euthanized lull of 72 degrees daily. I'm just saying. But, hey -- maybe I am the one justifying living HERE!

CHEF REUNION I have been getting a lot of emails about whether or not there will be a chef reunion. The answer is NO. Last year's reunion capped what we thought was a drama-filled season and turned into "The Jerry Springer Show" so I am thinking this year's would turn into a reenactment of the day that guy got murdered on "The Jenny Jones Show." We are planning something much better that I am not allowed to talk about. In the meantime, click over to the Watch What Happens page and check out some new episodes we just posted with Lee Anne Wong and Josie Smith-Malave, and another featuring Season 1's Cynthia Sestito and Miguel Morales. I know it aint the same but maybe it will tide you over...

SUBWAY CHIC was in full gear yesterday at the Grand Central Shuttle, where Top Design Top Judge Jonathan Adler sprinkled some Palm Beach fairy dust where you'd least expect. The installation of Adler is for public consumption in the subway. I have been bidding internally with our marketing department for one of the couches for my office when it's all said and done, but I am now wondering what will be on those couches after many days.... Will someone check in on the germ count for me and post back please? "Top Design" premieres tomorrow after the "Top Chef" finale on Bravo and it is a lot of fun.

BURGER FLIPPERS HAVE FEELINGS TOO! And they are pissed off that K-Fed is poking fun at them in a new superbowl ad for Burger King. I was, for some reason, happy for K-fed that he was able to make his last dime before a stop on "Surreal Life" but now this has all taken a terrible turn. The burger flippers have pulled rank and they do not want to be associated with the former Mr. Spears. That is LOW, my friends.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the ads for Greta van Susteren all around this very blog!? Wowza. She is aiming at Anderson Coops and firing real bullets. I would seriously pay several thousand of my own dollars to see the two of them get in a ring and just beat the shit out of each other. Is that wrong? It's winter here, my mind goes a little bit wonky.

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