Andy Cohen dishes on a party at the converted High Line public park.

June is so yellow I can't handle it! Thanks for all your sweet birthday wishes yesterday and a super special shout out to Andy's Blog reader Andrew and his Chicago posse for the beautiful orchid. Wow. Anthony and I were very touched.

So on Monday I finally broke bread with the (self-described) "fat girl" who bid 1600 bucks to have lunch with me at the Palm. She's a stunner called Julie from Scarsdale and we had a blast. She watches EVERYTHING and breaks the shit down; she knows more about Bravo than many people at Bravo! Needless to say we went deeper than deep and I should've had her sign a confidentiality agreement. It was a fun lunch!!

Monday night was the first screening of NYC Prep at the The Paley Center for Media followed by a panel discussion featuring members of the cast, producer Lenid Rolov, and me. The cast is literally kids from prep schools all over NYC, and they are kids like no other. Mini-adults is more like it. They lead lives at 16 that most don't at 36.  I am anxious for this show to get going so we can discuss ...

After the (riveting) panel discussion, I motored downtown to a superfancy dinner on top of the High Line, the elevated railroad tracks that have been converted into a public park running up a few miles of the West Side. This project has been in deveopmentl for over 10 years and Monday night was essentially the first time the "public" was going up there to check out phase one of the project. By "public" I mean 200 very very fancy New Yorkers and random people like me.

The park opens next week and it was thrilling to get an advance peek! Here's one POV with Andre Balaz' new Standard Hotel above ...


Here's the approach to the dinner, which was held unter that building ....


So at the dinner it's announced that Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg are giving 10 million MORE dollars to the future development of the remaining section of the park (they've given countless bucks already and championed the park from Day 1). So that was an exciting announcement and our area of the table (I was in the Martha Stewart/Mort Zuckerman wing) whooped loudly. Then a gal who I would happily put on the Real Housewives of NYC OR Jersey got up and said she was sooooo moved that she and her hubby were going to also give 10 million bucks. We whooped and hollered more.

When she woke up the next morning, did she remember that moment of being super-moved, I wonder? Did she have a headache?

The Housewives were the talk of the night and I had some long, deep discourse on the topic with Gayle King and City Council head Christine Quinn. After the dinner Bruce and I crashed the Visionaire party at the Standard and it was the most beautiful, young crowd you can imagine. One of the amazing (and concurrently wrist-slitting) things about this town is there's a never-ending supply of youth and beauty. 

Taping the Jersey reunion tomorrow.  Post any final questions below, chitlins! Have a great day!

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