Wow ... and Fabio

Wow ... and Fabio

Fabio and his best friend stop by Andy Cohen's office.

I don't know what to say about last night's show besides "wow."

I think Levi Johnston was a pretty damn good sport even though he revealed that he is going SHEEP hunting today. How can you kill sheep? :-(

(I can't believe I just put a frowny face in my blog. That might either be indicative of my further regression into adolescence or what a long week it was. Or both.)

Dwight was not nearly as revealing and open as I'd thought he might be, though his lashes were very long and his beading v extensive.

On to — weird segue — Top Chef Masters, where Michael Chiarello and TC alum Dale Talde got into it the other night as another TC alum, Fabio, watched. The other day, Fabio stopped by my office with his best friend (and identical twin?) Jacopo to break it all down, and more.


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