Would You Like to Touch It?

Would You Like to Touch It?

Andy Cohen has a hilarious encounter with the folks from 'Amazing Race.'

Hi from LAX. I am coming home today and am actually looking forward to the flight because I will be screening Real Housewives of ATL and OC plus Top Chef the entire way, and that's not a bad thing to do. 

I've been amused to read about the movement to get the Amazing Race people to take themselves out of the race for the reality Emmy after seven straight wins.  Here's What: it ain't gonna happen. 

I know because I spoke to the AR exec producer at the ET party and (insanely) asked him if he'd consider it, to give someone else a chance. His wife, who I guess also is a producer on the show, looked at me like I was mentally incapacitated. She then said "maybe no other show deserves to win." I politely begged to differ, and she then (impolitely?) asked me if I wanted to touch her Emmy. 

I did not want to touch her Emmy. I really did not. So at that moment I regretfully passed on the opportunity to touch her Emmy, but I did consider the many things that I would like to do with her Emmy.  

So that was a hilarious convo. (I do think Amazing Race is an amazing show, by the way!)

And so enough of all that talk!

I had one of those insane L.A. days yesterday where I probably spent four hours total in my vehicle and took a few debilitating wrong turns, got a speeding ticket, was late the whole day and just generally was losing my marbles in a pool of sweat from start to finish.  I was not loving the adventure.

That being said, pulling into the Fox lot I ran into Neil Patrick Harris in his cute hybrid.   That dude is really nice and so talented. Wow. About an hour later I had another DBG (drive-by gay) when I was driving down SMB and heard someone calling my name from the sidewalk. Don't you know that it was none other than RuPaul. Love me some Ru, too!

As I drove away, Ru was screaming "If you need me, CALL ME ...."


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