Winners And Losers!

Winners And Losers!

Andy reviews a busy week in pop culture.

It was a busy week in pop culture and I spent all of it on patterned carpets under one roof or another in Vegas. In Vegas, my big winner of the week is the "winding escalator staircase" at the Wynn that is nothing short of a marvel in innovation. Why WALK down a winding staircase when you can STAND down a winding staircase. Thanks to Steve and Elaine Wynn for that! No thanks for charging $25 to use the gym and a $6 (penalty?) fee for a package to be delivered to your room! But I am on a plane back home so on we go with the tops and bottoms of the week...


KENNY ROGERS: Last week he was a loser for butchering his face, this week he's a winner for coming clean about having had work and not being happy with it.

BROOKE SHIELDS: For perfect timing. She had a baby down the hall from TomKat and I am certain tucked away some dolls in Suri's diaperbag for Katie's post-partum.

UNITED 93: The first review is in from The Hollywood Reporter, and it's a rave. I am so terrified of seeing this film that I leave the room when a clip comes on TV, but if it's to serve as a memorial for the passengers and crew, at least let it be great.

OPRAH: As an SRO-Opening night crowd cooled their heels waiting for the curtain to rise on Julia Roberts' "3 Days of Rain" opening Wednesday night, they might've wondered who or what they were sitting there waiting for. Amid a flurry of security detail -- more than Mayor Bloomberg's -- they discovered that Dame Oprah was the holding the curtain. As soon as she was seated, the play began. Now that's power!


JULIA JUMPERS: NY Magazine, TIME and FOX NEWS sent reporters to Julia Roberts' first preview and all wrote about it under the guise of "This is NOT a review..BUT.." Which is pretty lame and unfair to any performer, much less one that's never appeared on a Broadway stage before. Those outlets can qualify all they want, but there's a reason there are previews, and they just chipped away at any hope of getting a movie star onstage again. Is there a way to play fair here?

NBC's CELEBRITY COOKING SHOW: It's damn hard producing a cooking show in the TOP CHEF universe!

NY POST: Thursday's front page featured a pic of a baby with the headline: "The Baby! First Photo!" I couldn't believe they'd already nailed a pic of Suri, but when me and everybody else turned to page three we were shocked to see the ill-named baby Barron Trump with his insane parents under a headline titled, "Heir to the Hair!" The headline should've screamed "Made You Look!" The Post knows what it's doing, but I'm irritated.

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