Will You Rub My Shoulders?

Will You Rub My Shoulders?

How is Andy Cohen to get through the day without someone rubbing his shoulders?

My shoulders are KILLING ME today and all I want is for somebody to rub them. It is absolutely inappropriate to ask your co-workers to do so, right? Oh right, it is.

I always marvel at how much I have in common with Michael Scott. Ask my development team. I am glad our videoconferences aren't recorded (or ARE they) because sometimes I say something and I look up and realize I crossed some kinda line. 

So all that is a long way of saying that I am not going to find anyone to rub my shoulders on this day, and I'll be crippled.  

Did you see the Jersey Housewives on Leno last night? They did a good job. It's always weird when reality folks go on talk shows, I think, because they're real people. That ain't their gig.  They did well though, and are on Regis and Kelly tomorrow. Mark said that he and Kelly loved the first episode of their show. It is beyond, I gotta tell you.

Did I mention that I saw Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin at Morandi last week? He's such a rock star — literally ¯ that I had to stop myself from staring and stalking. When he left he put his hood up, as he should. 

My cab driver, Arif, was such a beast today that someone yelled "BARBARIAN!" at him. I couldn't have said it better. PLUS, he wouldn't rub my freakin' shoulders.


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