Wiggin Wednesday

Wiggin Wednesday

Andy stores nuts and gushes about his nyc cab driver.

Tonight is a new "Top Design" and it gets really intense when Jeff Lewis steps in to guest judge and determine who will move on to the finale. He and Margaret have a bit of a fight during judging and I think you'll be surprised by the ending.

Just want to remind you that if you post questions for the Atlanta Housewives below, I will do my best to get them answered at the reunion show. Give me some good ones! Was it almost painful watching the auction at DeShawn's benefit? She should have charged admission, people. Let that be a lesson as we all go on to plan our own Night of 1000 Stars Benefits at our homes.

In celebration of the next week's finale of "Top Design", I'm posting an interview I did with Leeane and her beau the day after she won "Project Runway". But before I do I want to share with you an email I got this morning from an Andy's Blog reader named KYLE:

"Dear Andy, Just browsed a couple of today's vlogs and, dude, your cheeks are ginormous! Are you storing nuts for the winter or what? If it's collagen, you've gotta stop."

Kyle, the answer is YES. I am indeed storing nuts in me cheeks due to the looming recession and my fear that I will go hungry. I got me lots 'o nuts right now, but will I have them in January???

CAB REPORT: I had to stop paying attention to my adorable driver (really) at 6th Ave and 50th when I realized that the freaking Christmas Tree is up in front of Radio City!! Let me enjoy my Halloween, already! Anyway, if any gals are single and looking for a white-hot middle Eastern bachelor, hunt down cab 5H39. The fare was $11 and I gave him $13.

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