Whitney Tutors Oprah on Drugs

Whitney Tutors Oprah on Drugs

Andy Cohen shares his favorite moments from the first part of Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston.

WOMG I think the headline of the Whitnerview was her teaching Oprah about rolling a joint sprinkled with coke, with Oprah nodding like she "got" it. We rewound that part several times.

This was a great interview for both ladies. Whitney answered every question and came clean about essentially sitting at home for years doing blow with Bobby and trying to throw away the Princess Whitney persona with whom America had fallen in love. Whitney was DONE and felt like she'd BEEN THERE and it was all cool to sit around w/ Bobb-ayy snorting it up 24/7.

Oh and Bobby spat on her once and she hit him with the phone once and Cissy Houston dramatically tried to save her. I believe those stories but I think those are the wrapped-up-in-a-bow-for-Oprah versions. I betcha there was more than one spit, phone hit, and intervention in that house. This was years and years of messy. The nitty gritty details don't matter; Whitney gave it up and we all empathize and we get it and we just needed to hear her SAY IT.

And Oprah was great. The lady is an amazing interviewer (duh, we knew that) and she crafts the conversation into a storyline that you can follow along with at home, as it's happening. So yesterday was all "Bobby tried to hold Whitney down and make her feel less-than, and she complied." And I loved their bonding moment about the idea of a lady having more than her man. Whitney put her hand on Oprah's leg and said, "You know what I am talking about, Oprah."

Poor Stedman.

Actually, LUCKY Stedman. He's lucky. And so are we because there's more of the interview today!! And Whitney sings ...


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