White Out!

White Out!

Andy Cohen learns a thing or two from Patti Stanger.

Looking out my window is alternately like I am on a soap opera and someone is standing outside sprinkling white powder perfectly outside, and then I can't really see a thing. The snowstorm wasn't hype so we're going to give Sam Champion a high five next time we see him.  And Al Roker.

By the way, do you know that Gay Morning America wouldn't say the name of Jackie Collin's book when they had her on yesterday? This is sad because it has the most genius name ever — Poor Little Bitch Girl — but I guess that was too much for the morning talker. I am not going to STOP saying the name when she's on Watch What Happens Live tomorrow night with Kim Zolciak. Is that a duo, or what?

I had a blast with Patti last night on our Matchmaking Live special. She is unstoppable, hilarious, and full of chutzpah. I kind of can't get over her. I learned that one should have a sexy/titillating screen name when on a dating site, that men should always pay on the first date regardless of who initiated it, and I also got clarification on her "you can't go IN or IN on the first date rule." Apparently, it is totally OK to roll around naked on your first date, as long as you don't go 'in' anywhere. That seems very randy.

We taped lots of web extras for you, and they'll be posted later today. 

Tonight is a new episode of Shear Genius, and while that's happening I will hopefully be at the big AmFAR event in midtown. I don't know how in the hell this thing is actually going to happen with the blizzard (OK now it is REALLY coming down), but fashion people are resilient, and so is Lady Gaga.

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