Where's The Outrage!?

Where's The Outrage!?

Andy talks about L.A., D.C., Top Chef and Elizabeth Berkeley.

OMG I read in the trades today that Bravo hired Elizabeth Berkley to host it's new dance competition reality show "Step It Up and Dance". Could it be true? If it is, it's too genius for me to handle. I don't know though, you can't always believe what you read. I hope this is true.

Nomi!? I am still in LA and I am loving it at this moment. Full throttle LA. Maybe that's cuz I am leaving in a few hours, but maybe it's because I actually really do very often love it here. But, oy, I'm having a bad flashback to the other night when I gave the guy at the front desk of the Sunset Tower so much shit when I returned latenight from the set of a new white hot Bravo reality shoot because the bar was completely shut down. "LA Sucks!" I challenged the front desk guy. "It SUCKS." "Yeah, yeah, LA sucks," he said, clearly humoring me and secretly ordering housekeeping to sprinkle lice and crabs in my bed and on my towels. (So THAT'S how I got lice and crabs!)

"I know you're just saying that to appease me," I told him. "I KNOW. But please admit that it's lame that your bar is closed." He admitted that it was lame that his bar was closed. I still wasn't satisfied, as a matter of fact I was even more irritated by his compliance. I went on to further elaborate the benefits of late closing times in NYC. It was a nowhere, dead end conversation. I often insist on having convos like that just to be heard. It's important to be heard, ya know?

Get on your soapboxes, people! Say your peace! If you don't, you can't count on anything being done! Where's the outrage, I say!? About a bar being closed... About our President... Our Congress... About the War... About the war on Christmas... Whatever your drama, speak up! Our country is becoming one big swamp of apathy. OK I have gone off into tangentland, but it's true. It is and we all know it, but we're so wrapped up in ourselves...

What I REALLY want to say, and I've been trying to get to before I went all Howard Beale on your ass, is that this months Vanity Fair with Julia Roberts on the cover is really good. There's a great piece about the evolution of entertaining in Washington, DC - from the bipartisan days of the Kennedys to Reagan drinking with arch rival Tip O'Neal, through the absolute lame, pathetic doldrums of the current administration and their sad guestlist for the State Dinner honoring the Queen of England. It's a really interesting piece that's a commentary on our times. And it's not just Bush-Bashy like I'm being, it's also about the partisanship and checkbook entertaining that started with the Clintons and how DC is socially just dead now compared to how it was in the day and the role that entertaining once played in politics.

There's also a good piece about Padma that I think shows her true spirit and free-to-be-ness that I love about her that isn't totally conveyed on "Top Chef" by virtues of the restraints of the show itself. She's a blast and interesting and fun... And Dominick Dunne is a classic and there's a great profile of Michelle Phillips that made me vibe LA and Mamma Cass. And "Knots Landing". How's THAT for a rambling blog? Have a great weekend.

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