What's On My Mind!

What's On My Mind!

Andy shares his thoughts on Superman, Kevin Spacey, Madonna, Top Chef and... American Airlines.

SUPERMAN. I can't decide whether I care about seeing the new "Superman." The reviews have mainly been blowaway, but I just read yesterday's in the New York Times and I am confused. It was Manohla Dargis basically trashing it in a kind of indirect "I'm gonna make a point in a roundabout way and also kind of just summarize the movie and tell you almost nothing about it" NYT kind of way.

Nothing about the performances unless you compare them with what she was saying about Christopher Reeve's performance years ago. I THINK she thought that the new guy stunk. I dunno. I just don't. Sometimes I read Times reviews and wind up trying to review the review. Often it's a toss-up between them hating what they're reviewing or using the movie/show to make a random point. By the way, I am still obsessed with Meryl Streep's performance in The Devil Wears Prada. She is so flipping good I can't handle it. And beautiful and perfect and flawless. I wonder how the Times will review it on Friday. Or if they will directly review it. They might just kind of use it to say something about "Sex and the City." Or about "Working Girl." You never know what their "take" is going to be, which is why I always read it. And Bush is mad at the Times, which will make me buy two copies now.

Back to "Superman." Another reason I am on the fence is that I can't watch Kevin Spacey anymore. I actually can't look at him or listen to him or think about him since that "60 Minutes" profile where Lesley Stahl asked him if he was gay and he talked about how in love he is with that woman who was his date to the Oscars. That she's the love of his life. Uh huh. Oy vey is what I say to that.

MADONNA. Speaking of Kevin Spacey, tonight is opening night of Madonna at Madison Square Garden and I will be there. At $360 bucks a pop for a concert that I hear is 90 minutes, I guess that makes it $4 bucks a minute. That's hooker money, and I am sure that for many it will indeed be as pleasurable as sex. By the way, I have two extra tickets for Thursday's concert. If you're in NYC and interested, email my blog (link above) and I'll sell them to you! I bought her new live album and am into four songs on it ("Get into the Groove," "Holiday," "Hollywood" and "Like a Prayer.") By the way, does anyone care what songs I am into on the new Madonna live CD? Nobody asked -- but let me at least finish my thought -- which is that I don't get why she left off "Crazy for You" and "Don't Tell Me." If you're gonna release a concert CD, why not put everything on it and make it a double CD? Why, Madonna? Maybe Kevin Spacey has the answer.

TOP CHEF. Nobody brought food for us on our second day of casting Top Chef 2 in LA! Dammit! We saw some great chefs, though, and spent hours whittling down the selections to a clump of finalists that we'll now doublecheck and re-evaluate further. One guy was so passionate about food that he started crying when he was describing what cooking meant to him. I started to tear up too, but that was about how happy I was that someone was crying about how passionate they were about cooking! We saw a few people who were in and out quickly. Usually we all go blank when someone tells us they applied because their friends told them to, or because they want to be on TV or because they think they'd be good on TV. When someone says "I'm good TV," I cringe. I remember sitting in the front row in Bryant Park for the final Project Runway show next to Bravo Prexy Lauren Zalaznick when Santino announced "I'm not just good TV, I'm a great designer." Both turned out to be true, but I could feel the hairs on my arm standing up, and hers too. Once someone on a reality show becomes overly conscious of how they're appearing on the show, the less genuine they come off. I guess I am stating the obvious. Like with Runway auditions, we saw a ton of good "characters" but are looking for people who are talented, creative, and are passionate about reaching the top in their profession. And of course we are looking for people who'd be fun to watch on TV as well.

Watch the premiere of Runway in two weeks and tell us how you think we did there. CAN A WHITE MAN GET A BREAK?? That's what I was wondering last night at 1:00 in the morning spending what felt like a half hour hiking the eight miles from Gate 45 at the new American Terminal at JFK to the pickup area. Does anyone else despise this new blight on the NYC Metro Area in the form of a faux innovation in air travel? When getting over watching hours of "'Friends' Scene It" on a plane, is a walkathon to a car the proper Welcome Home? I just want everyone at American to know that I am actively angry at you for your new terminal. It blows.

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