What a Way to Make a Living

What a Way to Make a Living

Andy Cohen dishes on Broadway's fabulous '9 to 5' and its not-so-fabulous "theater."

You know that if Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin are working a red carpet, what's inside is most likely fantastic. Right!?! Well 9 to 5, directed by the brilliant King of the White Way Joe Mantello with music by Parton, is a hoot and a holler and lots of foot stomping fun.  

I was in a crap mood when I got to the venue, but once inside this show put a big smile on my face. Alison Janney is FANTASTIC as Violet Newstead, and the other girls are great too. The '70s are perfectly recaptured and the movie is effortlessly translated to musical. The
audience was roaring and applauding and thunderous the entire way through the show. It felt GREAT in that theater and happy happy happy all night after.

Here is a really crappy pic of Dolly making a speech onstage at the end of the curtain call.  She was all in white and sparklys so she appears in this pic like a white blur.

I enjoyed the show so much that it actually took my mind off my disdain for the "theater" in the Marriot Marquis "Hotel." I have never cared for this joint and I think that (after 9 to 5 is done there in 2016) the Marquis Theater should lose their Broadway status. It is in a big crappy
hotel, people. And you have to take escalators to get to it. And the carpets are like casinos.  And so at the after-party Michael Patrick King, Jon Robin Baitz, and Mario Cantone, variously summed up the Marquis Theater Experience as akin to seeing a show at: LaGuardia Airport, Las Vegas, the Des Moines Civic Center, Abu Ghraib, Dollywood, and Florida.

I don't want to start anything but I THINK I caught Swine Flu from the bartender at the party.  And so once that happened, we split and had an AMAZING dinner at the Palm. It was a magic NYC night.

Finally, you have until 3 p.m. today to bid on lunch with me to raise money for Live Out Loud, which is all about inspiring and empowering LGBT youth by connecting them with successful LGBT professionals in their community. Go to Liveoutloud.cmarket.com kids!

Oh and yesterday I got an e-mail from a gal in Scarsdale who said "Hey, Andy: I wanna win your auction prize, but tell me this: How do you feel about having lunch with a fat chick? Seriously. Be honest. I'd hate for both of us to be uncomfortable.  We'd be allowed to dish on
Bravolebrities, right?"

Are you KIDDING ME lady? I would love you and I would love to. Have a great weekend.

CAB REPORT: My cab driver scared the crap outta me; I was too afraid to even look at his name. Due to his herky jerky driving, I spilled my tea all over my seat around 26th street. I did not want him to notice, lest he hit or kill me. To compound matters, the tea was WHITE which meant the lady at Bonsignor put half and half in my tea instead of honey. (This has happened before and it upsets me.) I wiped up the milky tea-rot on the seat with my kahkis (desperate times call for desperate measures), then — at the next stoplight — cracked my door and dumped the tea out. At this point, the assasin turned around to see what I was doing. I almost started crying, but instead said "I am dumping my tea because I do not like it."  He turned back around without a word.  Now I am typing in horror. If I die before you read this know that I am
grateful for my time on earth. And please have my khakis cleaned; that's half and half on the cuffs. And I love you.


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