What A Country

What A Country

Andy Cohen reflects on the Inauguration.

I am too obsessed with the amazing day yesterday to write about "Housewives" and "Top Chef", but I do want to know what you thought of last night's episode, and may I remind you that tonight is not only Restaurant Wars (!!), but it's also Supersized for your pleasure. Why is everything better Supersized?

OK my mind is still a jumble about yesterday and I will share what's floating to the top:

** I spent the day wondering what was in Michelle's gift to Laura. I was betting it was cookies for the airplane but someone said it was a journal. A journal?? Um, ok. In that big box?? That was a supersweet gesture though. 

** I thought that Aretha was fantastic, and keep in mind that the Queen of Soul likes her stages HOT and refuses any air-conditioning, so I will bet that she had to modify her voice in order to sing at 11 AM in 15 degree weather. I don't think that was the same performance she'd have given indoors at 8 PM. I posted something on my Facebook status update about Aretha being queen and immediately got 24 comments saying how much she stunk, so maybe nobody agrees with me.

** I thought the homophobe dude was fine, though he seemed about to make an appeal for money. I need to hear the poem again because I don't think I "got" it. My favorite was the benediction by Rev. Joseph Lowery. 

** Did you see GW Bush kiss Obama's shoulder after his inaugural address??? It was a truly genuine, beautiful moment. And on the other spectrum, I am dying to know why Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton HATE each other so much! WTF? Someone said that it's because Carter came out after the Monica Lewinsky BJ saying that Clinton was disgusting.

** The transfer of power in this country is an amazing, graceful process that is wonderful to watch unfold.  I especially love the new President walking the former to the helicopter and seeing them off at the Capital, which was apparently begun by George Bush Sr., a very classy guy. I was reading Laura Bush's lips as she was saying goodbye to Obama and she said "Thank You, Mr. President." I got chills. Wow. She's a classy gal too.

** Memo to ABC: don't bury Barbara Walters, she's your biggest news star. I don't know where she was yesterday but I actually missed her. It was great having Brokaw on NBC and, you know, the oldies have been around and have something to add. Do you realize the ratings that Babs has pulled in for ABC in the last year?? Her specials have mopped up. Diane WHO?

** If Dick Cheney hurt himself picking up a box then I'm Madonna. I don't believe that bullcrap for a Wyoming second. He's a crook, people.

** Beyonce's serenade of the First Couple at the neighborhood ball was UNbelievable!! WOW. A moment destined for pop culture history. Her voice, her moist eyes, and just the love between the President and First Lady as they danced. Wow.  

** I am so star-struck by our First Lady that it doesn't matter to me that I didn't love either of her fashions yesterday. I was at a party last night with a one-name American Fashion Icon who thought she'd gotten it wrong as well. Who cares?

** Apparently there was a piece on the Today Show about all the celebs at the balls and the first sound bite was from... Omorosa. Um. Were there celebrities at the balls?

** I do not for a second get the timing of Will Ferrell's yet-to-open one-man Broadway show about George W. Bush called "You're Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush". Does anyone have an appetite for this?? Shouldn't he have done it in November??? I don't need to see THAT!

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