We're All Going to Die

We're All Going to Die

Andy Cohen recounts his Memorial Day weekend.

 mean, not to be a pessimist or anything, but this oil spill has us on a fast track to the end of the world, right? And there is essentially nothing any of us can do about it, right? I haven't heard otherwise, but maybe I am out of the loop.

I am officially on the edge of turning on Obama. Could he maybe put the leading scientists from around the world in a room and not let them out until they have a plan? I dunno, or SOMETHING else? I am officially scared, and part of that is because I spent an incredible weekend at the beach and I am assuming that sometime in the not so distant future the gulf stream will be delivering oily shores to the Northeast.

OK, In other news...

Tonight is the finale of 9 by Design. Did that cheer you up?

Oh here's something: I hosted a really fun event  for Miracle House with Countess LuAnn on Saturday night in Bridgehampton and three things happened. First of all, I got LuAnn to sing a little bit of Chic C'est La Vie for the rapt audience. Secondly, the folks from Maker's Mark were there and they gave me a bottle of the stuff with my image on it!

So I must officially have a little Maker's Mark addiction if the people at headquarters are paying attention.

The third thing is that Thelma "Don't Leave Me this Way" Houston performed and she sounded incredible. And I learned that her semi-undiscovered, yet critically acclaimed first CD called Sunshower is about to be re-released. And maybe this sounds like nothing but once I heard about the CD everybody came out of the woodwork to say that in the '70s it was regarded as the shizz amongst people like Joni Mitchell and Carole King. Jimmy Webb produced it and what I am hearing is that it is one of the great albums.

Does anybody care or did I get everybody down about the spill?

In happier news, the weekend in the Hamptons was perfect weather and great friends and tons of exercise and great food and laughs and deep sleep, and I even got a lot of work done. I feel like it was a week vacation.  

Have a great day.

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