Welcome Home, Me

Welcome Home, Me

Andy Cohen returns from blissful Indonesia to stories about Paula Deen, Adam Lambert, and the Salahis.

I'm back from an incredible eight days floating around the deserted islands and coves of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It is a completely remote and untouched corner of the world, and undersea lives a Garden of Eden, a living rainbow of fish and coral of every shape, pattern, and fantasmical color imaginable. We spent much of our days diving and snorkeling and it was the best testament I've ever experienced for why it is so important for us to protect the future of our planet. As remote a spot as we were, we still found trash in unexpected places.

OK I am off my soapbox about the earth and back at work today and, man, I cannot believe how much happened while I was away! Of everything, I think Paula Dean getting hit in the face with a ham is the thing that I am most obsessed with. Do NOT tell me that silver-haired lovely lady got whacked with pork.  That is shameful.

Speaking of shameful, I am really enraged and upset by what's gone on with Adam Lambert.  His "shocking" performance got him bumped off of Gay Morning America?? The gayest show on television?? Because it was too controversial? Because he bumped and grinded and kissed a boy? How many years have we glorified girl-on-girl anything and everything? And this is too controversial for a morning show that is featuring Chris Brown this week? Considering the amount of gay people that show has in front of the camera, I'm kind of disgusted any of them showed up to be on TV last week.

So then my old stomping ground The Early Show goes and books Glambert (yay!) and screws up their entire reason for booking him by blurring the kiss, showing the Madonna/Britney kiss UNblurred, and then releasing a RIDICULOUS statement about why they did it. (I can't even try to decipher their stupid reasoning.) It's amateur hour in the morning, I guess.

This country has hilariously unexplainable double standards surrounding sex and purity, but the common denominator seems to be that it is pretty much always fine to discriminate against gays, gay men are disgusting, and gay women are hot. I THINK those are the rules but clue me in if I missed something. Oh and I guess you can throw in there that it's OK to throw a HAM at Paula Deen but you can't kiss a boy on TV.

In other news, I was blissfully absent from the whole White House Party Crashing story, and there's nothing more that I can personally add to the story than what Bravo has already released. Bravo was indeed shooting the Salahis, who are under consideration for the DC
cast of Housewives, and the producers were told by the Salahis that they were invited to the dinner and so the producers did not have reason to believe otherwise. We'll have to watch what happens with this story.

I'm jetlagged. I think I need to stare at this picture of an Indonsian sunset for awhile....


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