Weird Weekend

Weird Weekend

Andy takes time to reflect on his crashed computer and flattened tire.

I am on a plane bound for LA where Jeff Lewis and Jenni are standing by to hear your questions for the "Flipping Out Reunion" we're taping tomorrow. (It will air next Tuesday.) If you have any last minute stuff you are dying to know from Jeff, post it below and I will take a look at the end of today. I don't know what kind of weird vibes were in the air this past weekend but I got hammered with ca-ca all over the place. On Friday, after five faithful years, my Powerbook completely crashed. I went into a panic about getting my stuff back (!) and about needing to watch lotsa cuts online over the weekend, for which I was dependent on my compooter. I made contact with my computer guy who talked me off the ledge, while Anthony grabbed a new Macbook Pro. What about that I'd backed up everything on Thursday morning?? Oh thank the Lord. Back your shit up, people!

On Saturday I popped a flat tire, which further rendered me powerless. The tire guy in East Hampton can't find me a replacement till this morning, so I was car-less for the rest of the weekend. I always have tire trouble for some reason. I was like an old lady relying on the kindness of cousins for rides. As I was waiting for AAA to come rescue me from my helpless fetus-ness, I got a call from a new friend who has 'apple genius' on his resume of past jobs. He told me that there are brand new, revolutionary Macbook Pro's that are coming out in a month. Whaaa? Suddenly my new Macbook waiting for me in the city felt like my flat tire. I am obsessing over this poor timing, and I should be obsessing over the great timing of my Thursday-databackup. With the exception of an adorable TV-book cover story on "Runway Lovers" Wesley and Daniel, yesterday's papers were further doom and gloom. The TIMES was all about an HIV study that found rates 40 percent higher than estimated. Also, the swarms of jellyfish populating oceans worldwide are a symptom of sick oceans and general despair. And jellyfish sting. If that isn't bad enough, I read in PEOPLE that Candy Spelling spent 47 million bucks on two floors of a building in Century City. Why does this bug me and why do I care?

Last night I went to a really fun dinner before hitching a ride back to the city. I went deep about "Big Brother" with the Chenbot, who inadvertently revealed who got evicted last week. (She didn't know I was 3 episodes behind and really, how would she...). That Julie Chen is a classic, and a reminder I need to set up my slingbox so I can be up to date with her. I was fortunate to be sitting next to Barbara Walters at dinner which meant I got to have a little Andy's Book Club Q&A about what she left out of AUDITION. I especially liked the first half of her book about her work at NBC. Among many other niblets that I cannot print, she says she never kept a diary. This morning's Page 6 has an insane picture of Christie Brinkley at some Hamptons wild west carny. And in case you're wondering, my new computer is superfast and I think anyone who buys the new MacBook Pro is a sucker because they will be loaded up with kinks for at least a year. (This is what I am telling myself..) Have a great day and write your questions for Jeff below if you have any.

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