Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup

Andy Cohen catches up on what he's been doing since last week and all the television he watched.

The Hamptons last weekend was a mix of complete relaxation and intense socializing, and if I told you with whom I'd literally have to kill you.And that stinks. I can, though, measure the four days in terms of food highlights, of which there were many. On Thursday night, I literally
drove past my house directly to my beloved Sam's Pizza, which I'd missed since Labor Day. It did not disappoint. The weekend ended with a brunch of epic proportion. Back in the city, I skipped dinner last night.

All weekend, everybody seemed to want to talk to me about The Fashion Show and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and this all culminated at a brunch yesterday where a few Sopranos cast members were told (not by me) that the "Jersey" ladies are the real Sopranos. And they really wanted to hear that. Not.

As for my TV viewing this weekend, I watched a ton of upcoming Bravo shows (namely cuts of NYC Prep, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Top Chef Masters) but in between I was transfixed by MTV's marathon Star Wars weekend. They had Episodes 1-6 backtoback. I love that. The whole thing culminated in a new episode of The Hills, which I saw replay later. If anyone questions the reality of Housewives, watch an episode of The Hills and marvel in the absurd acting. I can't get over it! They are acting! Poorly! Mazel, kids.

I also got sucked into that 98-hour Jon and Kate marathon on TLC. I am the fool who's never seen JK8 (is that the nickname for it, and if not, why?) and so I became as transfixed as everybody else by Kate's nastiness, Jon's passive-ness, and her mullet. TLC must be celebrating the fact that they're on the cover of every magazine known to man. I am
sure the ratings were huge.  As for next season and their franchise , I am sure it'll work out one way or another. 

After I bitched and moaned a few weeks ago about Vanity Fair's Jessica Simpson cover story being a jump-the-shark moment, I actually read the issue over the weekend and, despite the zzzzzzzzzz cover story, it's another great issue. The story of Bernie Madoff's assistant is phenom and needs to be optioned by someone. I coulda seen Suzanne Pleshette in
the Lifetime version, but she is no longer with us. Once again, that Ruth sounds like a horrible woman.

Broadway is now closed to traffic in Times Square and I haven't been down there but am already peeved. You know what I don't need to do? SAUNTER around Times Square or LAY OUT in Times Square — that's what people are doing. And don't get me started about how they've f'd up half the streets in my neighborhood with new bike lanes. Hey Bloomy, why
don't you just BAN CARS from the city and put us all out of our misery?

Tori and Dean premieres tonight on Oxygen and it got a rave review in the NYT, which is a big deal. And the critic called out Dean for being an unsuccessful actor. That is kind of mean, no?  All guns blazing at the NYT.

OK, I'm done.

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