Wednesday Waits For No One

Wednesday Waits For No One

Andy wonders if the infamous Miley Cyrus photo is really a big deal.

There's a fun new episode of "Top Chef" tonight featuring kids, drama and Oprah's chef. I was in Chicago for this one and brought my sister to Judges' Table. Before the Judges started their deliberation, hilarity ensued when a mouse ran across the set. Oh, joy. I'd been telling Emily on the way that Judges' Table takes for-e-vah and that we would certainly be shooting way into the morning. Don't you know that it wound up being the quickest Judges' Table in the history of the show, and we were out of there by 9pm! I was like the boy who cried wolf. After the taping we all met up at the Frontera Grill and got blotto'd on tequila as the Judges attempted to get embarrassing info out of my sis. They didn't get any!

ANYWAY -- Since I don't really watch the news and since the news isn't really the "news" these days, I haven't given the Miley Cyrus "story" much thought and keep throwing out flippant nothings in this space. But yesterday, I got two emails almost back to back from friends weighing in... PATRICK said: "A quick note on the Miley photo: in and of itself its not that bad but yes, she is only 15 and her target audience is the 7-12 year old girl set. Disney has framed her as the clean cut answer to Britney and Lindsey Lohan - the one girl who would not let them down. They have played up the solid family background, written the HM show with an emphasis on responsibility and character. Parents are desperate for a decent role model for their young girls (I have an 11-year old) and Miley seemed like the real deal. That's why this is all so disappointing."
I now get it Patrick! If I had a little girl and Paris and Lindsay and Jessica and all the other skanky whores of today were the only role models out there, I would do the only sensible thing: put a blanket over my child and rename it Blanket. My friend D is a bigtime network news producer, who also emailed: "We did a Miley Cyrus piece last night and I can say that I still do not get the story ... I mean, what the hell is the big deal? It's a completely manufactured story by either Vanity Fair or Disney." I get THAT, too D! Then Liza called to see if there is any reason no one is talking about the father-daughter lap shot of Billy Ray and kid? It is indeed grodie!

It is a beautiful spring day in NYC today, people. Hope you enjoy yours wherever you are.

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