Wednesday Ramble

Wednesday Ramble

Andy talks about TC, BB8, Kathy Lee and his Rabbi.

Tonight is my favorite episode yet of this season's "Top Chef". It is all about the food with two amazing challenges, great results, and the reveal of who goes on to the finale in Aspen. After the show, Padma and the eliminated chef will be live with me on "Watch What Happens" at taking your questions. I got back to NYC last night. When I landed, I spoke with Chef Colicchio who was watching a DVD of tonight's "Chef" and was very happy with the show and the challenges. It's just all about the cooking and food in great kitchens with fantastic judges.Everyone who wrote in disgusted with last season's Marcel vs. The World subplot will love it...

Tom said he had a blast at the Emmys and was amazed by the amount of "TC" fans he encountered, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus. (I wonder if she watches "Flipping Out"!?) My plane arrived an hour late and so I missed the curtain for a friend's play, which both took the wind outta my sails and gave me the opportunity to watch the finale of "Big Brother 8" live. The show was interesting for two reasons. First of all, each and every lady was SLATHERED in glitter. Layers of glitter upon glitter coated the chest plates of everyone from Julie Chen to America's Favorite Anti Semite, aka Amber.

Secondly, they left Chen's mic open at the end of the show so you could hear her conversation with Danielle. As credits rolled, Julie asked Dick and Danielle if they were thinking of going on "Amazing Race" (a genius idea unless it means an Emmy at "Runway"/"Chef" expense). They didn't seem to answer, but they seemed enthused. Then Danielle asked Chen if she was going to the wrap party and Chen said she had to split, but that the wrap party was Thursday night. Then they got into the minutia of when they would be seeing Julie over the next 48 hours. It was the best part of the show.

I got some good Amber scoop on the BB8 set last week: Amber doesn't know it yet but while in the house she was fired from her cocktail waitress job in Vegas because of her vocal hatred of Jews. (Actually by the time you read this she's probably in tears... then again she's always in tears...) I am glad that with the removal of Amber and conclusion of Celine Dion's three year run, Vegas has finally rid itself of the last traces of anti Semitism. (I am kidding about Celine, of course.)

After BB8 wrapped up, I thought about the hours of time I had wasted watching the show over the last few months. It made me melancholy, so I dipped into my DVR and grabbed the first show that came up - which was the 20th Anniversary episode of "Live with Regis and Kelly".

Featuring the triumphant return of Kathie Lee, the show hurled me further into my funk. First of all, it's hard to watch a daytime show at night. It feels different. Too bright and tinny. Secondly, I don't know what Kathie has done to herself but it freaked me out. She's got white blond hair and what I think is the result of an eye lift that has recently settled. Regis, meanwhile, has what looks to be some sort of maroon or red hair. (And Kelly is platinum classic blond.) Thirdly, there was no clip package about Kelly's years on the show, which seems like something one would want to see. I don't know. It was weird. And Cody Gifford turned out cute. And Cassidy wants to be an actress and is, according to Kathie, "quite serious" about it. Wow, I didn't see THAT coming. Didn't see coming this morning's news that Brit gets to keep her kids, either. But Da Judge says she can't do drugs when they're around. Very very reasonable, I think.

The New York Times has eerie new photos of Nazi SS Guards at play during the Holocaust. It also reviews "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" and says the clues "run along the lines of 'what an average middle-aged American might be able to answer after a few beers and an Ambien'". Ma-ha! I saw my Rabbi on the street this morning. That's gotta be good luck, right??

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