Andy Cohen talks digital stuff.

Now that "Runway" and Kenley are over I need to know where y'all stand on "Top Design." Eddie. He is a piece of work, eh?

I am at the Webby conference in Laguna Beach. It is total folklore that people who come to web conferences are geeky; it ain't so. There are some really interesting white hot webheads gathered in Laguna and the entire operation is under the purview of Rodger Berman, aka Rachel Zoe's Rodger.

If you watched "The Rachel Zoe Project", then you know Rodger isn't going to pull together some hokey pokey group of people. That being said, it is my understanding that the other conferences concurrently underway down the hall are for Waste Management goulies and NRA freakazoids. What if some of the freakazoids and goulies mistake the web thing for their conference? Would the 'net crash? Oh and since I am at this Webby conference, I should mention some digital stuff that I've been finding particularly WebWeWeavable....

I spent hours online 35,000 feet in the air courtesy of American Airlines yesterday. It's a truly wild, horrible and tempting invasion of "me" time. I used to count on NY-LA as 5 1/2 undisturbed hours of work and contemplation. Yesterday I was on videochat with my parents and obsessively checking the HuffPo for any and all election news.

I have REAL mixed feelings about internet in the air. Keep the skies clean, I say! I've become completely obsessed with the Huffington Post in the last few months. I've always been a big Drudge guy but HuffPo does it better and bigger and I actually agree with their POV. They've made Drudge seem like a thing of the past. He barely seems to update his site anymore, by the way.

The election is all anybody anywhere is talking about and there's a perfect blog up right now on the HuffPo by Larry David about how waiting for the election results is like waiting for a biopsy. It's true. It'll either be the best news or the worst news, for everybody. That's how stark the decision is.

I'm also into Tina Brown's new Dailybeast.com, which is an unbiased compendium of stuff. And you know I still love Towleroad, the very very best gay website on the planet. And the folks behind both Project Rungay and Blogging Project Runway have started other sites where they're blogging other Bravo shows, and its always interesting to get their take on us.

In other news

: ** Is the sendoff line for "Fashionista" really "Please pack your desk and go". UM. Really?

** That reminds me to mention that "Top Chef: New York" is OFF THE HOOK. I am so excited about it. We shot it this summer and I have kept a lid on it, but dinner's READY TO BE SERVED.

There's a big "Top Chef" Taste of NY food fair at Grand Central Station Monday afternoon benefiting City Harvest. Get your tickets HERE.

** Do you think its weird that everything's raining "Mame" for Bruce? On Tuesday, he saw Bea Arthur in front of the West Hollywood Palm, then on Wednesday on a flight to NYC, he was seated in front of Ms. Angela Landsbury. Is that a sign? Of WHAT? I have to split!

Have a great day and let me end with a special Happy Birthday wish to John Hill!

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