We Heart You

We Heart You

Andy salutes the Veterans, and tells you why to watch tonight's Top Chef.

It's Veterans Day and that means 4 things!

1. It's my Dad's birthday, so happy birthday to Lou in St. Lou.

2. We salute our veterans. We heart you.

3. I am sitting in my office watching the Veterans Parade marching up 5th avenue (against where the traffic would go, which is fun.) The parade is not exactly the most riveting procession I've ever seen. It ranks below the Puerto Rican's for sure, and above the Columbus Day. Actually, I think the Italians have more kick than the Veterans so I'm not sure that this isn't the bottom of the barrel of parades but how dare you ask me to rank the parades! They are all amazing. PLEASE, people don't take the dignity out of everything. Jeeez.

4. Veterans Day means there's a new Top Chef tonight featuring Nigella Lawson. There are only six chefs left!!! Are you FREAKING OUT??? Speaking of Top Chef, Padma is on "Watch What Happens Live" tomorrow night with Rachel Dratch - so put that in your datebook.

I did lots of cardio this morning so I am more overstimulated than usual. (And so maybe that's why I am using more caps and exclamation points than you might prefer.)

Last night I ate at Le Caprice, which is the same as it is in London and now it's in Manhattan too - on 5th Avenue in the Pierre. It is fancy and deco and gorgeous and you can have a lovely conversation in a well appointed space, all while you eat wonderful food. I will be back.

This morning Carly Simon was on "Good Day New York" wearing a red beret holding her teeny wittle doggie. It was weird.

Have a great day!


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