Wandering Through the Poppy Field

Wandering Through the Poppy Field

Andy Cohen reports on his weekend and responds to e-mails about Patti Stanger.

It is a tornado of pollen here and I am in the dumps. The only think keeping me together at this very moment is listening to the group of teen Jesuit "elders" sitting next to me on the subway debating the viability of America's sand volleyball team. They are having a serious convo!

Though my weekend was spent in a haze of allergies, I managed to eek out some quality NYC entertainment. Saturday night I stopped by SNL to chillax in Producer Marci Klein's party room next to the stage. It was an amazing show, didn't you think? Justin Timberlake could host monthly and I'd be happy. Ciara had been off my radar and is now firmly on it. Star Trek stars Zachary Quinto and his hottie Captain Kirk dude came and had beers with us after their skit. They had great hair and were very unassuming, cool, tall, and handsome. I gots to see that movie!

We ran into Rachel Dratch on our way out and got sucked into a hilarious Bravo Vortex as she was describing what the A-List after-party was like for her — essentially a night at a theme park at a "character event." 

I went home and watched the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner on DVR. I thought Wanda was funny but expected her to be even better. I did love her Rush Limbaugh bashing; I am sure that fat prick will have something to say about her this morning, but I won't be listening to that. 

On Sunday I was buying some camera supplies at Adorama on 18th Street and witnessed a huge lighting display fall on top of one of their elderly Hasidic employees. It was a very disturbing thing, and something you don't see every day. The guy is OK. Ish.

I got some e-mails asking if I thought Patti Stanger was offensive to the gays on last week's Millionaire Matchmaker. I think Patti is an equal opportunity offender; by my count, she's been occasionally offensive to women, men, Jews, Christians, Wiccans, and gays! She's just being her!

The very tip-top highlight of the weekend might've been when I heard what is bound to be the song of the summer, and found out that it is by our own Kelly Rowland! It's called "When Love Takes Over" and it is a full Donna Summer moment for Miss Kelly! It's produced by David Guetta, one of the top Euro DJ's of the moment (he's like the French David Morales) and it's a massive hit there. Get ready, because it's coming here in a big way. 

Download that tune and you will have a good day!

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