Vicki Takes on the Interns!

Vicki Takes on the Interns!

Vicki and Briana stop by Andy Cohen's office.

I have a really fun little video to share with you today, but first will you just let me know your initial thoughts on Top Chef Masters??? And also let me remind you that there's a brand new episode of The Fashion Show at 10 EST.

At 9 EST, it's the unseen footage from Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Orange County including a reunion WHOMPER that happened between Gretchen and Tamra during a break. How'd we leave that one out of the reunion? (This is what happens when you only have 44 minutes for a reunion and everybody's fired up for six hours!)

Anyhow, (I love the word "anyhow" because it makes me sound quite dumb), OC's Vicki and her daughter Briana stopped by my office on Tuesday and the interns were SO excited to meet her that I made up a little show that would get them up close and personal with the Woo-Hoo'er ... Check it out:

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