Very Bravo Weekend

Very Bravo Weekend

From Kathy Griffin to Top Chefs, Andy's weekend was all about Bravo.

When it comes right down to it, the weekend was all about Bravo.

Friday night I saw Kathy Griffin at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. It was her second of three sold-out gigs that make it hard to justify her "D-List" moniker. I happened to be sitting next to Bethenny and it was hilarious from start to finish. I especially enjoyed KG's take on Hoarders, and her routine about my crossed eyes was pretty damn funny.  She does a bit where I am asking the Housewives questions and they have no idea who I am speaking to  because of my wonked out eyes. Joy!

From Kathy, I met some friends at the Tribeca Palm for some delicious vittles.  I know y'all are onboard with the uptown Palm(s), but the new one in Tribeca is happening, too.....

Saturday was pushing Spring, so I grabbed CNN weatherman Rob Marciano and we had a day-date, walking hand in hand to some of my favorite West Village spots. Oh shoot I just fantasized in the midst of typing. I HATE when that happens. Anyway, I did hit the streets and I had a great run and later in the day wound up with Team Zoe in her Crosby Street hotel suite.   I heard all about Fashion Week, Season 3 of her show (off the chain) and she showed me her new (vintage) Gucci red suede overcoat. Then she died twice and I split. She's great.

Saturday night I went with pals to try out Colicchio & Sons, Tom's re-imagined Craft Steak on Tenth Ave and 15th Street. It was phenomenal, and very cool knowing Tom was in the kitchen the whole time dealing out our fine food. Who was two tables away but Season 1 winner Chef Harold Dieterle, celebrating his engagement to his gorgeous lady Meredeth. I am crazy about those two. 

Tom came out for a hang at the end of the night and said he'd heard a rumor that Padma had her baby. Tom's sources turned out to be dead-on. So Mazel, Padma, on your new baby girl Krishna. I am going to stop pretending to be the dad now that there is responsibility and cash involved. I can't wait to meet this little girlie.

Maybe we stopped into the Boom Boom Room later and maybe it was wall to wall fashion.  Maybe we didn't.

Sunday was another great day, and at its end I screened a boatload of new Bravo shows.  There is great stuff to come. Have a good one.


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