What happened at the Unreality Extravaganza in LA? Find out.

Hi from LA. It's a beauty here, but when is it not?

Last night was an insane one at Paper Magazine's UNreality extravaganza sponsored by Levi's. It was kind of like the "Night of 100 Reality Stars", but it was not to be confused with DeShawn's "Night of 1000 Stars".

It was Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos, Rachel's Brad (she was at Madonna), Josh and Madison from "Million Dollar Listing", Nick Drago from "Step It Up and Dance", Big Daddy and Robert from "Top Design", and all the "Real Housewives of Orange County".

If that's not enough reality superstardom for you, factor in Coolio, some whore from "Rock of Love", some TransAmerican from "I Wanna Be BFFs with Paris" and the one and only Tiffany "New York" Pollard.

It was a group. Mr. Mickey (wearing a top with a sequined fox on it) and I hosted a very ghetto awards show which we presented Levi's sashes to honorees like the Housewives (they got the most UNHousewifely award), Jeff (he got the most UNControllable Control Freak), and even me (the most UNAffected something -- I think they made something up to thank me for co-hosting.)

The party was like all that Paper Magazine throw - young, hot, NYC-ish and all over the place. I love Paper! I love NYC! Afterwards I took the "Real Housewives" and the "Flipping Out" gangs to Katsuya, on Hollywood and Vine, for sushi.

The ladies are PUMPED for their show to premiere and none of them kept their Oprah makeovers (actually they were makeunders), by the way. I liked what Adam Glassman and Oprah's team did to them, but they were full boobies and OC glam last night. They're all really into the Atlanta version of their show, and would you believe that next week Vicki, Ramona, and NeNe are going to be on "Rachel Ray" TOGETHER?? WTF? I need to see that!

By the way I am heading to Atlanta on Sunday to host the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion show -- if you have any questions you want me to ask here's your chance to get them answered by posting them below.

It's always hilarious getting the POV on the "Housewives" experience from husbands Don, Simon and George. They are cool guys. George is a famous Republican and even he was conceding that Barack's speech Tuesday night was pretty cool.

What can I say about Jeff, Jenni and Ryan? They are a joy to be around and each one is individually adorable in their own way. Ryan's beau Dale is a great guy too. I wonder why I am spreading so much love this morning? Don't I have anything nasty to say about anyone?? HMM... I think I am going to keep the positivity.

Monday's a holiday so there'll be no blog. Have a great weekend.

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