Tuesday Trix

Tuesday Trix

Should Andy Cohen dress-up as Marcel Vigneron or Brad Goreski?

Everyone's carrying on about the snow we're getting tonight. I only listen to Janice Huff and Liza (who parrots Janice's info) about weather, and my last update (from Liza) indicated that it would only be a wintry mix. Has that changed? Should I cancel my flight tomorrow and burrow? I think the plan for all should be to duck and cover and watch Housewives tonight. And light a candle.

While Liza was giving me the weather, around 6 last night, she heard Sue Simmons screw something up on the news in a big way. It seemed to Liza to be some sort of prompter malfunction that ended with Sue with a contained look on her face that said "Wfter this crap-ass show is over I am marching into the control room and ripping your skull off." I love Sue! And I am scared of her! And I am waiting for this clip to go on YouTube so I don't have to parrot Liza's parroting of it.

Your suggestions for my costume at this weekend's "Come As Your Favorite Reality Star" party were fantastic. Right now I'm somewhere between Top Chef Marcel and Brad from The Rachel Zoe Project, largely because both seem relatively easy. Anybody know where to find a Marcel wig?
I watched Defiance last night and was blown away by the (true) story. Daniel Craig was fantastic, and I found myself wondering how his character maintained his cute haircut hiding out in the woods for all that time. It really was Shear Genius, for lack of a better term. 

I also watched the Nat Geo doc about Air Force One, to which I'd been looking forward. Zzz. It was a snoozerooni! I DVR'd the companion doc about Marine One, but dare I watch?

Nick Ashford and Val Simpson were on the local Fox Morning Show here this morning and I had to slow my treadmill to a strolling pace in order to fully focus on her very poor weave that was jauntily - and carelessly - askew on top of this great lady's head. Val is a treasure, solid as a rock, and needs headgear befitting her status! She deserves something unbeweavable. (Sorry).

I would like to report how Nick was looking, but I've not been able to look at him since a mid-90s cabbie told me a revolting rumor involving Mr. A. It is certainly not to be repeated on these pristine pages and, hopefully, nothing more than an urban myth passed amongst horny cab drivers.

Incidentally, why is it that cabbies in general looove to go deep about Nick Ashford?? I never got that, which is partly why I stopped taking cabs.

SUBWAY REPORT: I jammed into a very packed F train this morn and found myself face-to-face with Bravotv.com exec Jason Comis! Comis updated me on the Bravotv.com relaunch, which is coming very very soon! He said there may be some initial glitches with this and other blogs, but to be patient and we will be rewarded with a fantastic new site! That was the most informative subway ride I've had in a while. 

And this was the least-informative blog ever.

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