Tuesday Things to Do

Tuesday Things to Do

Andy Cohen shares his to-do list.

Salute and pay homage to Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger.

Watch All My Children 40th Anniversary episode and get very depressed about the death of soap operas.

Deal with my checkbook.

Screen and do notes on the nine DVDs on my desk.

Figure out my Kindle.

Organize tomorrow's schedule so I provide enough time to enjoy my full body pat-down at JFK. Don't rush a full body pat!

Recycle leftover X-mas wrappings.


Watch the sub-par Academy screeners taunting me.

Warm my innards.

Moisturize some more.

Marvel at the beauty of the OC Housewives. They so perty!

Think about Olympia Dukakis.


Finish this half-assed blog!

Watch Tabs tonight.


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