Tuesday is Just Fine

Tuesday is Just Fine

Andy dishes on the A-List Awards, and calls up Kathy Griffin. Find out who answered!

OK — I am running to catch a plane to Chicago to do an upfront presentation, but before I take off I need to get on the same page with you about a few items.

First, for the plug ... As great as last week's episode of RHNYC was, tonight's is as good and funnier. This Jill vs. Ramona tennis match takes a turn for the beyond out of control. These women spin like tops in every direction and the truth is you don't know where they're headed next and it's hard to turn away. 

Second, for the sadness ... I am not thrilled that local news legends Paul Moyer (KNBC) and Len Berman (WNBC) are "leaving to pursue other opportunities" or however the language was put that meant to say that the economy sucks and we can barely pay the electric bill around here let alone their overbloated salary. It's sad. Local news is about local legends, not blowdried nameless boneheads. It's just sad, is all. If someone effs with Chuck and Sue I will seriously march down to the 6th floor and go all NeNe on their asses.

Speaking of NeNe, she was one of the cavalcade of Bravolebrities gracing the A-List Awards' red carpet the other night. The show turned out so great. I'm really excited for you to see it. It's unlike anything else on TV and smart and funny and high and low with a real attitude and everything Bravo is.

I can't say enough about how great Kathy Griffin was as the host. Her bits are so funny, she worked so hard, she looked so physically great. OK — I am in gay love with a lady. Is that so wrong? I called her to thank her yesterday and Paris Hilton answered her phone. Literally. We had a nice chat about what a hot bitch she was (Paris) giving commentary on our all-Housewives fashion show extravaganza and about how much I love her new bob. You never know who's going to answer Grifffin's phone. That's how she rolls.

Griffin was hilarious regarding all the drama that came with all the Housewives from all the cities under one roof. She said "for some reason my mother and Ramona aren't speaking!" Ha Ha. I wouldn't be surprised. It was DRAMA. But so fun.

I got such a kick out of the after-party. What a blast to party with a mix of models/housewives/chefs/flippers/matchmakers taking the form of Carla, Sheree, Ramona,  Branden, Gretchen, Fabio, Zoila, Patti, Sandhurst, Bethenny, Jenni, Vicki, and non Bravo's like Tori Spelling, Rachel Dratch, Neil Patrick Harris, Niecy Nash, Jenny McCarthy, Chelsea Handler, and the Lady Bunny. Wait — could that list BE any gayer?? V. Bravo, for sure. I love a pop culture explosion, and this one was epic. 

I am going to write a lot more about the show in the days to come, and now I have to catch my flight.

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