Andy Cohen talks about last night's Natasha Richardson memorial and Bethenny's new baby.

Good day to you.

I am spent today. We had an incredible memorial for Natasha Richardson last night at Studio 54 (today is her birthday) and it was very moving and uplifting and sad and loving and beautiful, all as it should have been. The evening opened with Bono singing "Amazing Grace" a capella and went on from there.... (What a place to START..) It was incredible. Other speakers included Uma Thurman, Holly Hunter, Laura Linney, Joely Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave, Sam Mendes, and me (one of these things is not like the other, I know.)  And Bette Midler sang (!)

So today I'm fried, dyed, and laid aside, as RuPaul might say. Ru MIGHT say that.

Yesterday we went and visited Bethenny's adorable baby girl Bryn. Bryn was Jason's brother's nickname, so there's  a close family connection there. That lil peanut looks perfect. Very cute.   Bethenny and Jason are floating with happiness. That was so nice to see ... the beginning of a life and a family.

There's a new episode of 9 by Design tonight that I'm prettty sure you don't want to miss. OK, let me go do my WORK like a good citizen.

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