Andy Cohen is screening shows ... and forgetting to blog.

I am back in New York City and am so focused on the task at hand that I lost the plot when it came to writing a blog today. The task at hand, in case you're wondering, is screening a multitude of shows that include the NY Housewives and Kelly Cutrone. I am really happy with how the first episode of Kelly's show turned out. She is a piece of work, as you will soon see. 

The NYC ladies are beyond the beyond this season. I need my mouth to be unpeeled from my floor after watching three episodes of the show. You will flip, I think.

Tonight is Tabatha's finale and we saved the most difficult task for last. She's got her hands full, but will tie it all up in a Tabulous way, you can be sure.

I had a beeeyotch of a flight attendant yesterday who did not care for my ass one bit. She said I was "on her list" from the moment I walked on the plane. NICE. We kind of made up in the end but there was no tongue.

I'll have more tomorrow.


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