<i>Top Chef</i> Reunion Tonight

<i>Top Chef</i> Reunion Tonight

Andy Cohen dishes on the Top Chef: New York reunion.

First things first: Did you see Ramona's run-in with Governor Patterson on The Real Housewives of NYC last night!?! If ya missed it, take a look ...



I cannot get enough of Ramona. She is one of a kind!! Tonight is big. First it's the Top Chef: New York Reunion, which is a ton of fun. Here is a peek of the show and a preview of who might win fan fave:


The Elves outdid themselves this season with their hilarious montages. Did you realize there was a Top Chef birthday curse, where people celebrating birthdays wound up eliminated? That's my favorite package of the night.

During a break I took some pics on my Bberry phone to show you the glory that is my hosting vantage point. To my right, the judges and the beautiful Gail Simmons...


And to my left, the insanity ...

The chefs were so great and there's a fun piece in the new TV Guide by a reporter who spent the day with us and details everything you won't see in tonight's show. I wish we could've shown Fabio presenting people with homemade t-shirts, or Jeff trashing Kathie Lee Gifford's taste in food, or the very high level at which Stefan carried on about how happy he is that he didn't win.

Yes we also do talk about Hosea's controversial win and his showmance with Leah. And someone does indeed win 10 grand. And we give away a buttload of t-shirts.

After the reunion it's the Season 2 premiere of Make Me A Supermodel. Are the kids hot? Yes. Are they different from last season's cast? I would say that they are very much, and this group includes a virgin, a Mennonite, and androgynous Chris, who brings a unique vibe to the model house. We switched up the format this year, and I am anxious to hear what you think!

SUBWAY REPORT: OY!!! The F train was a literal terrarium rainforest adventure this morning. Dis-gusting. And to throw in a little more NYC flava, I stood over two seated fellows: a Hasidic Jew reading his scripture sitting next to an obese dude with iPod, snoring up a storm. Only in New York, kids!

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