Top Chef is Back

Top Chef is Back

Andy Cohen shares some of his pics from the 'Top Chef: Las Vegas' set.

And better than ever. Really! I swear. Tonight's supersized episode is a lot of fun, and right when it's over (at around 10:15 EST) be sure to watch the Top Chef Masters finale, featuring a really special challenge. Oh, and the diners for the TCM finale are all five Top Chef winners plus Tom, Padma, and Gail!

I thought I'd share some pics from the Vegas set because I sure had fun when I was there. Let's start with these fish. If they had brains, they'd know the contents of every Quickfire and Judge's Table, because they live in the Top Chef Vegas kitchen! They are dumb, and you'll meet them tonight ....


To the left of the fish sit America's favorite anchor team ... I mean America's favorite culinary hosts! They're nominated together for an Emmy as best reality host. They deserve it.


This is the last image the eliminated chef sees. Don't let it hit ya on the way out!


Here's Padma and her boot in her dressing room:


We've got lots of Vegas cameos and surprises this season. Here our blond showrunner mafia (Nan Strait and Liz Cook) navigate Michele Bernstien, Padma, and Penn and Teller:


I picked and choosed what Vegas shows to see, meaning I took Padma to see Cher and took myself to see my fave duo Donny and Marie. I loved it so much, I'd go back again. Alone. I think this pic of Marie was taken pre-diet.


This is unquestionably the best group of chefs that have ever competed on Top Chef, and that will be clear to you immediately. Here are the judges hashing it out after a meal, as seen through the moniter in the "video village" ....


Looking out of one's Vegas hotel room, thoughts may include gambling, buffets, suicide, Cher, sleep, alcohol, desperation, insanity, and prostitutes. Good times!


Let me know what you think of tonight's two hours (and fifteen minutes) of power!


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