To Uncross

To Uncross

Andy Cohen considers having invasive eye surgery.

Weeks ago, after I was horrified by a glance at my crossed eyes on the Top Chef reunion, I found a top eye specialist (shuld we DO "Top Eye?") and booked an appointment for a day that I thought would never come. So this morning I will go to Union Square and see what the particulars of uncrossing my eyes would involve. 

This is now seeming about as important to me as Jessica Simpson.

I wear contacts and have fended off LASIK for 10 years out of fear of f--ing up my precious walleyes. Am I suddenly vain enough to consider something that could be far more invasive on my eyeballs than lasers? I thought about cancelling all day yesterday but then I jumped ahead a month to the next time I glance at my wanderingeyeness; this will unfortch seem important again, and so why don't I just get the research out of the way now and make the decision when I have the facts.

I will report back, but on this day I am leaning towards NO.

WALK REPORT: No cab today. I walked to the eye doctor and had my head in my Blackberry the entire time; It is a beautiful day here but I didn't look up. I am sure I stepped in dog piss.


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