Times Square Angel

Times Square Angel

Andy Cohen gets in the spirit of the holidays.


Last night was a Christmas treat and Manhattan tradition that's been happening once a year, at Christmas time, for the last 24 years. It's Charles Busch's SRO Christmas play (kind of a pageant) "Times Square Angel" starring the wigged legend himself with a cast that reappears every year including drag superstar Flotilla DeBarge (The Empress of Large) and Julie Halston.

It's a camp masterpiece that originated at the Limbo Lounge in the East Village and attracts several hundred of the same people each year for something of a Christmas reunion vibe. Busch typically brings the crowd to tears with his mournful rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (is that called "The Christmas Song"?), and last night was no exception. You look around as she's singing at the same group of people seeing the same show for 24 years and it's all about tradition and good times and bad times and ups and downs and oh lord why is Christmas so depressing!?

Did I mention that Linda Lavin was there in all her Alice-ness? With platinum blond hair, by the way. Who's more xmas-y than La Lavin? Why'd she feel compelled to re-record that theme song every year, I wanted to ask. I didn't. Do you think she MADE CBS let her do that? I don't think they asked... And what ever happened to "Tommy"? I never cared for him too too much. After we went to Morandi and it was DELICIOUS!! YUM.

See this lady? She is TORMENTING ME today. She is singing into that freaking microphone in the most un-melodic, chanty way and it is making me want to go give everything I have to the Salvation Army in hopes that she will scram. I am broke so that's not going to happen.

By the way, I am really feeling Christmas and fully in the season, so even though I am bitching and yammering and throwing shoes at the holiday, I really only have negativity to the chanty lady below my window. There's a marathon of reunion shows on Bravo today, which should be entertaining to my immediate family and maybe that's it. Have a great day!

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