Thursday is for Lovers

Thursday is for Lovers

Andy Cohen explains why AJ's scenes were left in 'Atlanta' episodes.

Who gonna check me, boo? I have exactly two more weeks of ATL (finale is next Thursday) to bust that line out, so just give me that time and then you won't have to suffer through it.

Tonight's episode is heavy on two counts: NeNe meets her dad (which is incredible) and there's a big storyline with Kandi and AJ that's tough to watch in the shadow of AJ's passing. Some of you may wonder why we didn't completely cut the scenes out, but we felt that would be wrong for a number of reasons. First of all, it would've minimized his role in Kandi and her family's lives — when we taped the show a few months ago he was about to become her husband. It would've implied that somehow his actions or behavior was somehow negative — they weren't. We think you'll appreciate our decision when you see what transpires over the next two episodes, and we felt that keeping him was the most respectful to his memory and to his family.

I am foggy today and it is foggy outside, so coincidences never cease. 

I'm back in New York City and woke up feeling behind the 8 ball. I have a live show tonight and I haven't picked a Jackhole or a Mazel. If you have any suggestions let me know. 

I am really the last person alive to be watching "Glee," but I caught up on a few on the plane (in between Wordscraper games and mags) and — no shocker — I was smiling the whole time.  I can't believe how dark it is. 

Then I picked up the new Rolling Stone (with Madonna on the cover) and read their crazy love/hate "Glee" review. When I say "love/hate" I mean this guy REALLY hates it, I think more than he loves it. I'm the opposite, see? I know Matt Morrison since his Hairspray days as Link Larkin, busting out his own freestyle at the tail end of curtin calls. I am so happy for his success — the kid is SO TALENTED.

The Madonna interview is great, by the way. It's about her music, not her Kabbalah. I didn't realize how many of her own songs she's written herself, and so it's interesting to hear her reflect back on some of the ones she hates performing. She says, and I've heard for myself, that her good friends call her M. Why you gonna waste a great name like Madonna and have it shortened to "M?"

Who gonna check HER, boo?


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