Thursday is for Love

Thursday is for Love

Andy Cohen is stressed!

After five seasons, tonight is Jeana's last on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and I'll be watching the show with Jeana and Vicki and breaking in during commercials with your questions. We're also having a Watch and Win tonight with a spa package up for grabs, and the ladies will of course be live with me at midnight.

What'd you think of Top Chef last night? Did you shed a tear for our sweet eliminated chef? (I'm trying to be spoiler-free.) I didn't mention Chef Academy the other day but it's a new take on a food show with surprising results. Chef Novelli is a blast to watch; he makes everything look easy. Emmanuel isn't hard to look at either. (Waaay more to come from him!)

I got UberBerry on my Blackberry so I can now tweet pictures. My current issue, though, is that my Blackberry takes crappy pictures and now instead of complaining about my inability to post pics, my tweeples (I know that expression is the lamest) are mad that my pics stink. Live and learn, tweeples!

I am beyond the beyond in terms of stress today.  I leave tomorrow at 8 a.m. for a week on a boat in Indonesia and I have so much to do that I might blow.

CAB REPORT: When I stepped into cab 7E65, I thought it was the perfect recipe for Green Week, a clean gorgeous hybrid cab helmed by Jay Kraft, who is a born and bred New Yorker who's been driving for 25 years. Guess what? Jay was an absolute ANIMAL. He SAT on the horn and slammed the break on and off for 40 blocks. I was a mess when I woke up this morning but the cab made me close to a breakdown. We had a fight about the horn and he unloaded his frustration about the idiot drivers that fill our streets. "These f---ing trucks!!!! These f---ing trucks!! Paris doesn't let trucks in their streets like this!!" If I was stressed when I got in the cab, and I was, I am now worse off sitting at my desk. Thanks Jay!

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