Andy tells you about some very special upcoming guests on WWHL!

It is spring here, and very gorgeous. Quite gorgeous. And sexy, in fact. It is as sexy as Raquel Welch today. By the way, on Oprah the other day (not to beat a dead horse), the 'set' was done up like a photo studio to try to disguise the fact that they had a couple massive lights on the floor right in front of Rocky, blasting light at her. It was artful. And she looked as gorgeous as today in NYC (that is gorgeous.)

The "Real Housewives of NYC" continue to unfurl their dramz tonight, and I will be live at midnight with Housewives superfan Rashida Jones (from "Parks and Recreation" and "The Office" and "I Love You Man") and Tori Spelling. And I THINK Alex is calling in to tell us a little about Bethenny's wedding. I am a huge fan of Rashida Jones. She is so funny and sexy. (As sexy as today.)

Oh and next week, Liam Neeson is going to be on the big show, and WWHL is the ONLY TV interview he's doing to promote "Clash of the Titans"! This is kind of a big deal you guys. We are really excited about it. Last night was really mellow. I hosted an event for the GE Women's Network in the SNL Studio - 8H - down the hall from Bravo, where I interviewed Bravo Execs Cori Abraham (she runs development) and Shari Levine (she runs production) about their lives/jobs/hopes/dreams/ housewives/etc. It was fun and informative. Then I went home and screened 2 episodes of RHNY and tried to figure out if my fave local chinese joint had gone out of business.

I watched "Life" the other night and the mix wasn't right. Was it my TV or was Oprah's narration much softer than the score of the show? Maybe it was the TV. It reminded me a lot of an episode of "The Rachel Zoe Project." I am kidding and the joke makes no sense although it is kind of funny.

I want to come up with some lame April Fool's joke but it is too early and it won't be as gorgeous as Raquel. Or this day.

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