Andy Cohen is excited for tonight's 'What What Happens Live.'

There is someone — or a group of people — blowing whistles under my window at 30 Rock and it is driving me BANANAS. OY. So I am having more than the usual amount of concentration issues this morning.

I'm especially excited today, though, because Jimmy Fallon and NeNe are going to be on the big (little, actually) live show tonight at midnight. I am a big fan of Jimmy's and he is also a genuinely nice guy.  Have you seen The Real Housewives of Late Night sketch they're doing on his show? It's pretty funny and he seems to be playing all of the Jersey Housewives PLUS Jill Zarin all at once. 

I'm also interested to hear NeNe's POV on her fight with Kandi last week. People weren't too psyched about her getting all crunk in Kandi's face. Mm-hmmm, she got crunk in her face. What is crunk, by the way, and why am I the only one who doesn't know?

People were getting all krunk in MY face last night at around 10 p.m. when they realized Top Chef was a rerun. I'm sorry, tweeple!  If you're hungry for a refresh on what's already happened this season, check out this little remix recap HERE.

Last night I went to Indochine, which is celebrating their 30th anniversary of being the coolest restaurant in town. When people ask me where to eat, I should always say Indochine. It's always a scene of beautiful people and great music and a party. I love it there.

Have a good day. See you at midnight!

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