Throwing Shoes

Throwing Shoes

Andy Cohen on George Bush's brush with a flying shoe, Sean Avery, and Tom Cruise.


I really can't get past this video of the shoe being hurled at Bush. Man, that shoe was FLYING. The headline of the post today is LAME DUCK. Ma-Ha! I'll say this for our president, he has absolutely no reflexes for how to run a country but he has excellent eye-hand coordination. I almost even felt a wee bit sorry for him when I saw the video. But, I mean, he ain't getting impeached so if this is the worst he's going to be punished for running this place into the ground then it ain't so bad.

And then on the news this morning they said the shoe-thrower is being tested for drugs and alcohol. Here's what: test him for ANGRY. He's not drunk, he's really, really really pissed!

Sorry to still be raging at Bush I know you don't want to hear it from me. I suck. I know.

In further proof that you can't say anything anymore, Sean Avery got canned from the Dallas Stars Hockey for TRASHTALKING. His teammates and the NHL couldn't handle him and his big pottymouth. Isn't the NHL made up of toothless, fist-throwing thugs? Isn't that what you're SUPPOSED to do in hockey? Didn't America's fave hockey Mom do a fair amount of trashtalking herself during the election? Is the NHL going to can her from being a hockey mom?

And Governor Paterson is pissed at SNL for making fun of his blindness. So waaaaaah everybody's pissed and no one can take a joke anymore. Oh yeah - wait- I am flashing back a couple weeks ago to when they made fun of gay people for about 90 minutes solid and I was kinda pissed. So the moral of this particular fable involving me n' the Gov is that I'm pretty sure they make fun of everybody on that show. Equal opportunity offenders make fun of everybody, so maybe the Gov and I should go be sad together. And Sean Avery can come too.

This morning, Tom Cruise spent about seven minutes on TODAY apologizing for being so crazy the last time he was on TODAY (when he called Matt "glib"). He said all the right stuff and was very smart and looked like a non-crazy white-hot superstar. And he said he doesn't really want to discuss his religion when he's promoting movies essentially because people don't want to hear about it and stuff gets twisted and it will only backfire. Here's what: I prefer Tommy CRAZY and ragefully talkin' Scientology. Be crazy, TC, you're a human, we're all cookoo!

I still don't want to see that Nazi movie though. They couldn't make Tom freaking Cruise look a wee bit hotter in a Nazi outfit? Usually Nazi-gear ADDS hotness. (I am, of course, anti-Nazi but maybe someone gets my drift.) Priest-gear, on the other hand, does nothing for me so my pulse wasn't so affected when I saw "Doubt" the other night. I loved the movie though. Why isn't Meryl in EVERYTHING? It would solve a lot o' probs.

Did you see the Barney Frank profile on "60 Minutes" last night? Lesley Stahl was working that blue leather sportjacket AGAIN. I can't keep it straight because she also may have a red one, but I do know that lady LOVES a butter-leather jacket. Her lipstick was cocked up in one of the interview setups - it was really outliney in a haphazard way, like drag lipstick or her makeup artist was drunk or something. Did anybody who was onset that day want to tell her that her face was messed up? Do her people not like her? Why?

SUBWAY REPORT: the subway was so fast today and my head was buried in this Blackberry writing this, and throwing shoes at the world, that I didn't notice a thing. Have a great day!

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